Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Results Are In

Great job to Miss A for consistently being at the head of the DustBunny Good Days Initiative class! Also, thanks to DustBunny Kanani for sending me her “Things I’m thankful for” list. I encourage her to re-post it publically in the comments section if she wants – it was wonderful. 

I guess the big news this week from me is that I DIDN’T COMPLETELY SCREW UP! Until Sunday, that is. 

By the end of last week I was all ready to post some personal good news: As of Sunday morning I had lost 10 lbs since starting The DustBunny Good Days Initiative and counting calories! And then I headed to the Chinese buffet with my BFF for his birfday. And that led to pizza on Sunday night, which led to Sausage/Egg/Cheese on a buttered bagel on Monday morning, which led to … You get the picture. And in the short span of 2 ½ days, 7 of those pounds came back. 

But today is a new day, although I have some extreme challenges ahead… 

Beginning Friday, I have 7 (SEVEN!) dental appointments in 18 days – four scaling/deep cleaning appointments and 3 extraction appointments. If all goes as planned, I will be having 6 (SIX!) teeth pulled and my entire mouth scraped during this time. Oy

Also on Friday: Maddie will be visiting for the weekend. We plan on a neighborhood dinner on Friday night (along with my neighbor, Designing Wally), a trip to the Metropolitan Museum on Saturday am to catch the Alexander McQueen exhibit before it closes, and – of course – the obligatory trip to "The Urges" to support the struggling artists who dance on the bar. Maddie, I've been told, plans on “making it rain” 

It’s going to be hard to stay on track, health-wise. Mouth pain and hangovers require soft, no-chew carbs (hello mashed potatoes with butter and gravy!). However, I’ve now had 2 appointments with the Psychologist – and she’s proven to be knowledgeable, friendly, compassionate and helpful. She has prescribed me a couple of different things that are geared toward depression and anxiety – and she claims there are drugs out their which can help with “impulse control” (OMG, sign me up!). But those will have to wait until we get a handle on my depression/anxiety as well as some other issues. 

In summary, over the next 3 weeks I’ll be a busy, depressed and anxious Fattie with houseguests, no self-control, an extremely sore mouth and fewer teeth. 

Sounds sexxxxaaaaaaayyyyyy.



kayce. said...

drugs that help with impulse control? yeah, i need some, too, lol.

although i am in no way envious of what you're going to have to go through, i am quite jealous you'll be taking in the mcqueen exhibit. i'm sure all that pretty (not to mention maddie) will go a long way to lifting your spirits.

and you can alternate your soft carbs (YUM!) with protein shakes or something... or boost? it won't be all good times, but at least it will help minimize the damage. (tho i have to say i personally would have at it & go completely crazy if our places were reversed.)

be well and take care of yourself ~ enjoy those pain meds! ;)

froggy said...

One of two times I lost weight without trying - teeth issues and working graveyard in a papermill.

Hangeth in there and enjoy your visitors!

Zombie Mom said...

Ahhh Bunny- mashed potatoes sound so damn good... I am happy to hear you are taking such good care of yourself... and asking and getting help- we all need it... have fun with sweet Maddie... wish I was there to eat carbs - OMG - I am so over the low/no carb thing... kisses

Rainbow said...

Big bunny hugs to you David....hope everything goes well!!

Uncy Carl said...

Hugs for the Bunny!

My only excuse this past week is laziness.

Between my sons' baseball tournament and lacrosse tournament, it was just too easy (and guiltily pleasurable) to do the drive thru. I sure do love me some french fries.

Good luck with everything - we'll be rooting for ya!

theminx said...

With any luck, you'll have so much mouth pain, you won't want to eat! ;)

Enjoy the McQueen exhibit! Wear comfortable standing-in-line shoes!


designing wally said...

With all that dental work, you may be on a smoothie diet for a while...
Just as long as you are OK for din-din on Friday!

mistress maddie said...

And if those boys are really good at their art, I'll make it more than rain.............

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Got back on the exercise band wagon today.

Hope you weather the dental work well.

Joy said...

I'm finally going to be joining all of you on the board! It took a while but I'll have something to report at last!

Brendan is on meds for impulse control which so far isn't working. It will eventually take a cocktail of meds and behavior therapy. His impulse is to hit and kick and spit along with some OCD stuff. It's all pretty bad. Just hope he gets better soon. He has a lot on his disorder plate.

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