Monday, February 22, 2010

Last Night's Olympic Action: US vs. Canada

I find hockey to be extremely boring, but I did watch the U.S. vs. Canada last night and it was pretty entertaining.  But WOW - ya'll Canadians LOVE yourselves some hockey, eh?!?  At least that's what the announcers made it sound like.



froggy said...

All I remember is when ice skating as a kid - the boys never respected the boundaries we worked out via detente. Hockey pucks, sticks and hockey playing boys were not to go careening through the attempting to twirl figure skaters... Extra points for the proper usage of 'eh'.

Big Mark 243 said...

I used to play a little hockey in my childhood. It is way more fun to watch in person than on the tele, unless it is the crisp and clean hockey in the Olympics.

The Canadian national sport is hockey I think. Even if I am wrong, it is core to their national identity, like Tim Hortons, The Mounties, drinking Labatt's and saying 'eh'! So it hurt their feelings to lose to the Americans on their home ice.

Beth said...

I think Mark is right--it IS their national sport. It's a huge deal there, and I read that after the loss, they were calling it Black Sunday on Ice. Although my Canadian friend Darren said that is probably the name of a new drink. LOL It's entirely possible that there will be a rematch...! XOXO

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