Tuesday, February 23, 2010

RuPaul's Drag Race Ep. 4 - "Snatch Game"

Sorry kids, but I don't have a RuPaul's Drag Race recap for you this week.  I wish I could say I was busy with some hot Papi or at some fabulous event, but, alas, I had a ton of laundry to do last night.  Trust me Bunnies - my laundry situation was getting CRITICAL and had to be dealt with.  So, for those of you who thought living in Manhattan was a whirlwind of fabulous nightclubs and hot men, I have one word for you: Oxiclean.  It gets the tough stains out.

In between fluffing and folding, I DID manage to catch most of last night's episode - and the video above shows the best part of the show.  The challenge this week was "celebrity impersonation" - which they did on the set of "The Snatch Game".  Unsurprisingly, Tyra (who I cannot stand) was horrible as a mush-mouthed Sasha Fierce, and Pandora was hysterical as Carol Channing.  However, I was really surprised that Tatianna was so funny (and spot-on) as Britney Spears (below)!

Tatianna, JuJu and Pandora have become my three favorites.  What about you - who are your favorite Dragtestants on RuPaul's Drag Race?


Lee said...

My favorites are the same as yours.

Pandora's Channing last night was SPOT on. It was hysterical, as was Tatianna's Brittney. Really, last night's episode was probably the best so far.

I thought Sahara's Whitney was pretty good too. And I was glad to see Sonique and Morgan having to lipsynch for their lives. I can't stand either one of them and was glad to see them get a little comeuppance.

I was a little sympathetic when it looked like Sonique was having some kind of come-to-God moment. She seemed to actually regret some of her behavior. So I'd like to have seen Morgan go more so than Sonique.

And I CAN'T STAND Raven. Even more so than Tyra, for some reason. She needs to quit knocking Mystique. Ever heard of a little thing called grace in victory, biatch? Mystique's gone. Be nice.

Also, Niecy Nash didn't get nearly enough face time. She is hysterical. Love her to death and watch Reno 911 mostly fu huh!

David Dust said...

Lee -

You are right - Niecy needed more airtime. I could have given a shit about what Lisa Rinna had to say - they definitely could have showed more Niecy.

Raven doesn't bother me nearly as much as Tyra and Morgan. I HATE how Tyra thinks she can just smile (and "smize") her way to becoming the next drag superstar. Bitch, you have to have a PERSONALITY too - not just be cute.

I think that's why Morgan doesn't bother me as much. She HAS a personality - yes, it's a bitchy personality - but at least it's something.

BTW - you should see MY Carol Channing impersonation. I must say, it rivals Pandora's :)


Guardian Hearts said...

I looove Pandora! I was kinda hoping she'll do a "Kathy Griffin". The other ones in my top 3 are Jujubee and Jessica(spelled incorrect probably). Jessica actually has a personality, and seems nice.
I hate Tyra, Raven and Morgan. Couldn't care less for Sahara.
Sorry again if I spell them wrong. :)

David Dust said...

Gaurdian Hearts -

I forgot about Jessica - who is also among my favorites. You know I'm a sucker (literally!) for a Puerto Rican with an accent. Although I'm not so sure her RuPaul impersonation was that great - besides the laugh.

I also don't mind Sahara - but that's probably because she's the only NYC girl (Pandora is from upstate).

Thanks for the comment!!


Bob said...

I loved Pandora as Cahnning. I laughed out loud at her comments.
I loved Tatiana as britney, too; so spot on.
Tyra? Hate her as much as I hate the real Tyra.

Bob said...

forgive my awful spelling of C-h-a-n-n-i-n-g.

Howard said...

Agreed, Tyra, Morgan and Raven can all go home next week, and I'll be good with that. However, because I said that aloud, one of them will win. LOL

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I, of course, ADORE Pandora... she is my total drag idol!!! Unfortunately, I think Ru like Sahard more than she deserves! i did think Tatianna redeemed herself this episode.

Sonique has issues.

And Morgan's Pink sucked... she should have gone home for it!

I wish I had taken better notes! next time you need a night off. let me know and Miss Ginger will cover the recap for you!

Joy said...

I knew I missed something and set the DVR to watch it tomorrow.

kayce. said...

when tatianna said that the markers "smell like home" i frigging DIED ~ she was hilarious!!! and the award for most unintentionally hilarious bitch goes to tyra for how serious she is about herself/beyonce. to her i say: "ho have a seat." pandora, as i knew she would be, was magic!

my faves are the same as yours, and i'm glad for days that sonique went home!

kayce. said...

OH!!! and did anyone else GAG when we realized that even raven's mama can't stand her stank ass? i had the church giggles for days over that phone conversation...

raven: "hello? hello? mama? are you there? it's me..."
mama: "oh. hi."
raven: "so... how's church?"

that, cut w/ raven's "emotional" confessional interview about how her mom means everything to her... stellar.

Mark in DE said...

Pandora's Channing was great, but I think Tatiana stole the scene as Brittney. Girl has some comedic timing!

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