Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Help Mikey & Earl Win Their Ultimate Wedding

Dan and Bob blogged about Crate & Barrel's Ultimate Wedding Contest today, and it reminded me that I've gotten a couple of emails from another gay couple in the contest (as well as a Tweet from one of their friends) - and I wanted to give them a hand.

I'll let Mikey (above, left) do the talking...
Hi, David! I hope you're well.
As you might know from the e-mail I sent last week, my fiance Earl and I got engaged on Valentine's Day (you can see the proposal HERE) and we've subsequently entered Crate & Barrel's Ultimate Wedding contest. In just one week - thanks to the help of friends, family and online communities - we've managed to make it to the number four spot. A week ago, we hadn't even cracked the top 100.
We're trying to keep the momentum going, so we hope you'll help us out by posting our contest entry on your site. Winning couples aren't chosen just on votes, but also on the originality of the stories submitted to the contest, which you can read on our ENTRY PAGE.
Do we think we deserve to win this? Not more than anyone else in the contest. In fact, if anyone deserves to win it's the couple who is currently in first place. The groom has cancer - and they have a very touching story. We have publicly vowed that if we do happen to win, we'll split the top prize with this couple, if Crate & Barrel will allow it. You can see our promise HERE, and we plan to live up to it.
Thanks in advance for whatever you can do to help us get the word out about our entry, the other couple and marriage equality in general.
Kind Regards,
Mikey Rox

Ok BunnyNation - you know what to do.  Let's help these two cute kids win ... and spread awareness that non-opposite marriages are just as Crate & Barrel-worthy as any other!  Go HERE to vote now!


MJ said...

This is a wonderful story of love and commitment. I do hope they win and have voted for them.
Best wishes to them.

JRH456 said...

The other same sex couple is currently in first place take a look at the entry

TheChinSells said...

Hi David,

Thanks for publicizing the gay couples participating in this contest. The votes are really irrelevant. The top 50 entries get to the second phase of the contest where the entries are judged based upon the entry itself.

We are also participating. Please ask your readers to vote for us.

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