Monday, February 22, 2010

White Meat Monday - Celebrity Edition

Real World Brooklyn alum Scott Herman does the NOH8 thing (above) - from Wicked Gay Blog.  FYI: I featured Scott about a year ago, and he left a very sweet comment on the post.  Mr. Herman is definitely a straight ally and we should support him any way we can; you can start by visiting his website: 

From Swish Embassy - check out the all-grown-up MMMBop boys of Hanson!  From left: Isaac (29), Zac (24), and Taylor (26) - all of whom got married and are all fathers of their own children!!  Holy crap, I feel old.

Finally, from TMZ we have U.S. Olympic bronze medal-winning snowboarder Scotty Lago allowing a frisky fan to "kiss his medal", which at one point he had strategically located "below the belt".  Nice abs, btw.


Mechadude2001 said...

Scotty Lago has ripped abs. I wann a plant kisses too. And Mmm Bop are hot.

Michael Rivers said...

I love Scott Herman. He is so sexy.

polkadotoes said...

Scotty Lago is actually the cousin of my friend. We were super pumped to see him win bronze! NH is representing well with his medal and Bode getting a set!

Too bad those pics got published, but I guess what can you really expect from those crazy snowboarders, right?! ;) It was out in an open street supposedly with a crowd around. The pics seem decently innocent but I can understand why the Olympic committee asked him to leave.

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