Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You Better WORK That Courtroom, Honey!

This is what you wear to jury duty when you are Amanda Lepore - NYC's number one trans-diva.  Just your simple "basic black" daywear and a little bit of lipstick... nothing fancy.


froggy said...

I was just on jury duty. Would have loved to spend the two, dull, endless hours we waited with her!
Also noticed here, in SE WA, appropriate attire seemed to be jeans for about 90% of the attendees. And flip-flops! Oh, the horror!

Bob said...

That's the same thing I wear to jury duty, though i tend to go a lighter shade on the lipstick.
It IS daytime, after all.


mistress maddie said...

Girrrrrl you know I think she is just fierce!!! I'd wear the same thing!

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