Thursday, November 4, 2010

Work It, Daphne!

Here is a great story about an extremely loving and understanding Mom - and her 5-year old son. Said son is a huge Scooby Doo fan, and decided that he wanted to be Daphne for Halloween. His mother got him the costume and took him to his church pre-school - and here's what happened:
Two mothers went wide-eyed and made faces as if they smelled decomp. And I realize that my son is seeing the same thing I am. So I say, “Doesn’t he look great?” And Mom A says in disgust, “Did he ask to be that?!” I say that he sure did as Halloween is the time of year that you can be whatever it is that you want to be. They continue with their nosy, probing questions as to how that was an option and didn’t I try to talk him out of it. Mom B mostly just stood there in shock and dismay.
And then Mom C approaches. She had been in the main room, saw us walk in, and followed us down the hall to let me know her thoughts. And they were that I should never have ‘allowed’ this and thank God it wasn’t next year when he was in Kindergarten since I would have had to put my foot down and ‘forbidden’ it. To which I calmly replied that I would do no such thing and couldn’t imagine what she was talking about. She continued on and on about how mean children could be and how he would be ridiculed.
My response to that: The only people that seem to have a problem with it is their mothers.

This incredible mom adds:
And my little man worked that costume like no other. He rocked that wig, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
Read the entire story HERE. This woman should be named Mother of the Year, and her son should be named The Next Drag Superstar - Preschool Division.

Hat tip: Towleroad


Bob said...

I saw that pic, maybe on Towleroad, but just skipped by because I thought it was a little girl named Daphne.
I'm glad you reposted this so I could see it.

froggy said...

The only time I 'put my foot down' about Halloween costumes was when twins were in middle school. Eldest and his gang wanted to dress as Bill Clintons complete with cigars. No. Way. Period. They decided to be 'Irish Mafia' - no idea what that was all about and didn't want to know. I'd played my one MOM card.

Sam said...

Go on with your bad self Daphne.
We have somewhat of a situation here in Vegas. #9's youngest wants to be a ballerina.
Oh well. Love this post David.

Eric Arvin said...


Anonymous said...

I bow to this woman. The sad fact is yes, children can be mean, but they almost always learn it from their parents. Moms are meaner than kids ever dream of being!Church should be a place where we are accepted and loved as is.

Go Daphne. You are RAWKIN' that purple mini!

mrs. miss alaineus said...

reposting. i want that kid (and that mom) in my class next year!


Miss Ginger Grant said...

What a sweet mom and a cool story. I wonder how his dad (the cop) felt about it?

Joy said...

Those mean mothers were the worst! Good for "Daphne's" mom!

Lee said...

To echo what Jennie said, I think most hate is learned not innate. It's really nice to see such a supportive mother.

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