Monday, December 27, 2010

Afternoon Lady T Break - Alibi

Lipstick on your collar
And the color isn't mine

White lines on the dresser
And you even drank my wine

Babe your face is flushed
It's more than just a hunch
Tell me what's this fear 
Maybe she's still here


Wonder Man said...

love it

Big Mark 243 said...

Man, my youth is crumbling piece by piece... may she rest in peace.

Peter Maria said...

I kind of got a little teary about her death. Lots of other s*&% happening in my life, too, but for whatever reason, her death got to me.

Sam said...

I'm still in shock. #9 looked at me in the car and said it just come across the wire that TM had passed. I didn't believe it.
I loved her. She was a STAR.
Love Sis

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