Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Eve Just Won't Be The Same

A few weeks ago MTV announced they were planning on putting Jersey Shore's Snooki into a plastic hamster ball and dropping her in Times Square on New Year's Eve - which would coincide with an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for group fist-pumping. Seriously.

But the powers-that-be here in NYC came to their senses and put the kibosh on the whole sordid affair - refusing to grant MTV the proper permits. So THAT'S what Mayor Bloomberg has been working on instead of snow removal! Question: Which exact PERMITS does one apply for when one is looking to put a idiot/midget from Jersey into a plastic ball in order to drop her while thousands of people fist-pump in unison?? Someone please get back to me on this.

Preparing for Snooki in Seaside Heights

Anywhore, TMZ is reporting that MTV has relocated the Snooki Habitrail Hamster New Year's Eve Ball to - where else - the Jersey Shore. Because those 12 people still in Seaside Heights, NJ during the winter need SOMETHING to do on New Year's Eve.




froggy said...

Really, the mind boggles at times. I thought, at one time, that Snookie was a cute dog's name....

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Who the hell is this Snooki person and where the fuck is the Jersey Shore? Is it walking distance of Manhattan, NOLA, or Vegas? Then Miss Ginger doesn't care where it is... it's clearly not important!

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