Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Brooklyn Bunny Killers !

Apparently there is a growing "farming/homesteader" trend amongst Brooklyn hipster/hippies and this, somehow, justifies their BUNNICIDE!!! From The New York Post:

Martina Fugazzotto (below) remembers the moment she first fell for her boyfriend, Mike Caputo. It was when they butchered bunnies together
Likes guys named "Mike" and killing Bunnies

I took a class at Third Ward, this collective in Bushwick,” she says. “I held a live rabbit in my hands, and I went through the [entire] process . . . each person did it themselves, and we learned what to do with every part of the rabbit.” 
Last time I was in Brooklyn, it looked like every guy there was about to ship out for the Civil War,” says Christian Lander, creator of the blog Stuff White People Like and recent author of “Whiter Shades of Pale.
He sees the current farming craze as the latest incarnation of the hipster quest for ultimate old-timeyness. We have this amazing thing of wanting to live in this time that never existed,” Lander says, “where everything is old-fashioned but there are still iPhones.

Damn dirty Hipster-Hippies! My only hope is that PETA finds out about this atrocity and does something about it. As a matter of fact, let me Google "PETA email" and get the ball rolling on this ... I can do it while eating the delicious fried chicken I bought for lunch.

What?!? That's TOTALLY different!! Chickens aren't cute and cuddly!! Oh, NEVERMIND...

Thanks to Froggy for the heads-up.



froggy said...

Once upon a time I dated the son of a family that raised veggies and chickens - and there came the day when the chickens had to go to the freezer. OMG! I love farmers, my BIL is part of an actual family farm that you hear tell about. But I'm not cut out to be there at the beginning. (We are having pork tonight...)

David, it is up to you. Pull on your super bunny suit and sneak down to that place and liberate the bunnies!!!

Sassy said...

No, not the bunnies....NOT the BUNNIES!

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