Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Promise: This Is My Last "Lake" Post

Raystown Lake

Via Wikipedia:
Raystown Lake is the largest lake located entirely within Pennsylvania. It was created by the United States Army Corps of Engineers around 1913 by the damming of the Juniata River which created a lake in the river valley. The current 8,300-acre (34 km2) Raystown Lake was completed in 1973 by the Army Corps of Engineers. The lake was created primarily to control floods, provide electricity and support recreational activities. 
Part of the town of Aitch is now under the level of the lake. While it is rumored that there are entire towns (and dead bodies of towns people who refused to leave) still intact under the water, only a few more permanent structures were left in place. Some roads, a bridge over the old river, the original power station and the original dam still remain.

On our way to the lake, my brother told me the story (above) about the Army flooding the existing farms in the valley to create the lake. When I asked him why they would do such a thing, he replied (matter-of-factly): "Zombies". Someone needs to change the Wikipedia entry to:
"The lake was created primarily to control floods, provide electricity, support recreational activities and to destroy a colony of Zombies."

Sister-In-Law Bunny and Brother Bunny
Brother Bunny has to wear a long-sleeved shirt because
he's a soulless Ginger extremely fair-skinned

Boat Dock (one of many)

There were lots of shirtless guys on boats, although I couldn't
take pics while drinking beer swimming

Moi and Papa Bunny

Sister-In-Law Bunny and Charlie

Stepbrother Bunny and Stepmom Bunny - back at the cabin



behrmark said...

Brother Bunny is a woofy ginger! Grrrr!

theminx said...



David Dust said...



You crack me up...


froggy said...

What a nice bunch of bunnies you come from :-)

Beth said...

Your family sounds like a hoot! I enjoyed the pictures and your commentary! XOXO

Beth said...

LOL Well done, Minx!

Mechadude2001 said...

LOL @ Zombies. And you have a beautiful family. Looks like you all had a great time.

Sam said...

Ok Ho. I have a question or two. In that one photo of you and Poppabunny floating in da lake, what are those two styrofoamlooking things? Blue and green in color. Could they be, Dunn Dunn dunnnnnnnn, floaties? :-)
Love these post about the lake. What about the stepbrother? Any juicy tidbits you got swirling around in your head?
Love Sis, the nosey Ho.

Ted said...

Looks beautiful. There are lakes like that here in Texas, but it's also 105 degrees. To make S'mores, just put the graham cracker sandwiches on a sidewalk; no fire needed.

David Dust said...


Yes, those are those long & skinny floaties (actually, we called them "noodles"). The lake is REALLY deep (probably 20 ft where Dad & I were - just a few yards from shore) - and I'll be damned if I can tread water for 4 hours. So you straddle one of those noodles and you're good to go.

My Dad & Stepmom stayed at the cabin for four nights. The first two nights my brother, SIL, myself and the dog were there. On Sunday we changed shifts - we left and Stepbrother Bunny and his girlfriend came for the last two nights. Next year we may rent two cabins and all stay there at once.

Anything else you need to know, Ho??


Sam said...

You weren't lying about zombies or dead bodies either. Seen this and it scared me.
Family: Drowning of MSU student

Sam said...

Lol. I think you answered it all.

mrs. miss alaineus said...

it looks like you had a great time and it's always nice to hear about your adventures! i also loved looking at the wikipedia page.


theminx said...

Glad you checked the link already, because the zombie bit has already been

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