Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The "Roll-Away Pocket Papi®"

Collapsible for easy storage!!

From The Daily What:
A man serving a 20-year-sentence on the island of Quintana Roo (Mexico) for illegal weapons possession was caught attempting to escape with the aid of his wife and her wheeled suitcase. 
Guards at the Chetumal prison stopped 19-year-old Maria del Mar Arjona as she was attempting leave after a conjugal visit with the bulky bag in tow. Inside they found Juan Ramirez Tijerina curled up in the fetal position. 
Arjona was promptly arrested, and Ramirez was returned to his cell.

Papi must have ROCKED HER WORLD during that conjugal visit, and Miss Thing decided she needed to take that shizz "To Go". Totally justifiable.


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