Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Results Are In ...

Here's how everyone did for Week #2 of the DustBunny Good Days Initiative:

Good Days/Week
Miss Alaineous
MC Wolfe
Most Improved!

You bunnies continue to amaze me – great job everybody. And I would like to give special kudos to Froggy for the most improvement from last week. Please elaborate on your week in the Comments section. And if you didn’t send me an email this week with your results, feel free to share with us.

Me, on the other hand, had a exceptionally bad week. Epically bad. Colossally bad. The two “good” days I had were only good in the sense that I wasn’t constantly shoving food in my mouth on those days. Seriously, last week I felt broken. In fact, I was so humiliated by posting “Yesterday I Had a BAD DAY” every single damn day – that I just stopped.

This went beyond normal “pigging out”. Normal people don’t eat 4 breakfast sandwiches at McDonald’s and then go back for a Big Mac and a 20-piece McNugget a few hours later. I can’t believe I just typed that – but that’s what I did one day last week. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Remember me talking about the “Fuckit” switch? Well my switch was on HIGH pretty much all week. And as a result, I’m back to weighing over 300 lbs.

It’s so bad that I asked for a referral from my Doc to see a shrink. Actually, I’ve had the referral for a while now, but – of course – haven’t made an appointment yet. Because, you know, it’s so difficult to call a phone number and speak with a Receptionist.

But, somehow – against all odds - yesterday I felt a little better and decided this wasn’t the end of the world. I would keep trying. And yesterday ended up being a pretty good day. And today is the same – so far.

This week will be extremely challenging. I leave for PA on Thursday for my first little “vacation” in 3 years, and will be at the lake on Friday/Saturday/Sunday with my family. On Monday morning I must return to NYC early in the am because of a work event in the late afternoon.

There will be beer. And hot dogs. And potato salad. And more beer. As well as a dinner or two with Mama Bunny before and after the Lake. And then instant stress when I get back into the city. I can tell you right now these won’t be “good” days.

But I’ll try not to go crazy and do my best – which is pretty much all I can hope for at this point.

And I'll try and stay the F%#K away from McDonald's...



mrpeenee said...

Sweetie, just try to enjoy the lake and crank that fukit switch up as high as it goes.

froggy said...

Run screaming into the lake, do 2 laps, eat hot dog, drink beer, repeat.
Cold water in the lake burns extra calories. And extra weight loss due to leeches.

My biggest challenge was ignoring junk food Daughter and Emergency Back.Up Daughter bring into the house on the weekends. Another three day weekend coming up....

Looking forward to everyone's report!

Bittybis said...

It IS hard to pick up the phone and speak to a receptionist. I finally did it last week, in large part due to thinking about what a good day means for me. This weekend I'll finally be seeing someone about the depression/anxiety issues related to my overeating, inability to get myself to exercise, and other disfunctional parts of my life. So thank you David Dust for leading me to take steps to seek more good days in my future.

This week, however, I didn't have many good days. We're on vacation and that does make things challenging, but I think the emotional side of it is more of a factor.

This coming week (still on vacation) I will strive for healthy food choices and at least 20 minutes of exercising (as opposed to sitting around watching my kids swim.)

I hope you have a wonderful vacation. Getting out of the city in the summer is a good thing! And try not to beat yourself up. It's a vicious cycle.

Sean said...

Have a great vacation.

Have you ever tried Overeaters Anonymous? It could be very helpful and would work very well in addition to seeing a shrink.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

enjoy your trip to the mountains.... and keep in mind .....The key to making anything difficult easier to tackle is to turn it into a habit.

Anonymous said...

and a good tip ..... milk milk milk if you can drink a gallon a day it is a perfect weight loss tool

Kelly said...

Last week I dropped down to 203.5 on Thursday, which is lower than I have been in a long long time (last summer)... but after 3 days of holiday food...I was back up to 208 this morning... Now I must focus on eating better on the weekends and trying to get to the gym on Saturday or Sunday... arrghh... but I did go evryday last week during my lunch break... those were my 5 good days... enjoy your vacation

Tivo Mom said...

I am so sorry that I forgot to send my update. My week sucked. I drank every night and ate like crap. And now I am in NC and I must eat my Bojangles. Bad day today but hopefully tomorrow will be better. Have a wonderful trip and I will try to check in as often as possible.

mrs. miss alaineus said...

i learned to medicate with food when i was. my shrink helped me get to the 'why' of what i was using the food to replace, and it really, really helped. being able to talk like we do here really helps too because i know i am not alone in the struggle to learn better habits.

i still have my demons. i tried a new mac n cheese recipe on sunday and tried to tell myself the amount i was eating was within a normal, healthy range by making all sorts of unhealthy justifications. it wasn't. i still struggle with the fuckitall moments too.

i did hike my azzz up three flights of stairs each day at work, save for one trip on the elevator with the kids per day and one trip with a bookcase. we are all taking small steps and we just need to keep working towards our goals, even if we get a little sidetracked.

wtg froggy for most improved! wishing everyone a great week, esp our leader, david!


Louis Bowers said...

I know how your pain, I also was in your shoes a few years ago. I had gastric bypass it worked I was 500 pounds and now in 3 years I am 259 pounds and eat 1800 calories you will be shocked how much of the right food you can have. I will pray for your health.

MCWolfe said...

David, I'm late to this party but just wanted to add that starting small is one way to make it work. We all tend to make "rules" that we then break and punish ourselves over. For me, a good day is one where I get some exercise and don't eat fast food. That's it. For you, a good day may be something completely different but you do it long enough and you've got better habits.

Seeing a shrink could be really beneficial to help you identify the WHY, as other posters have mentioned, but I think every one of us realizes how hard that phone call is to make.

And all of us need to be kind to ourselves.


Uncy Carl said...

Totally tripped balls on Monday (thanks to the U.S. holiday) and was late sending in my report.

Alas, it was not a good week for Uncy Carl. 3/7, for me.

Holiday weekend drinks with the hubby and a lack of interest in anything approaching exercise. So far, so good this week though!

Miss Ginger Grant said...

And once again Miss Ginger doesn't even bother to count! Vegas did me in!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

while on vacation, see if you can carve out 30 minutes each day to go for a walk, then perhaps you can consider each day a good day. I would also recommend water before each meal to help you feel a little fuller. Good Luck.

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