Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Big Brother 9 - "Swinging Singles Edition"

I watched Big Brother 9 – “Till Death Do You Part” last night. I have been an on-and-off fan of Big Brother over the years…some seasons I watch closely, and others I totally ignore. The verdict is still out as to whether or not I’ll watch this time around.

This season DOES have a cute twist. Everyone in the house is single (except for one current boyfriend/girlfriend – but that’s a secret). All of these horny singles have been paired up with “compatible” partners – kind of like The Real World meets Instead of competing individually, the COUPLES will compete, win, lose, and even SLEEP together in the same beds.

The “Houseguests” this season include a former real-life couple (he cheated – they broke up), the current secret couple I mentioned before (who get partnered with OTHER people), two shiny gay boys, a self-described homeless bicyclist, and some bitch named “Chelsia”.

Two of the three hotties (in my book anyway) are kind of douchy (the roofer from Boston, and the DJ from NYC). The third hottie is a big beefy boy – he’s the one that’s been separated from his secret girlfriend. And let me tell you – he looks like he wants to CRUSH the guy who will be sleeping with his girl.

But the most entertaining thing so far is the 47-year-old “cougar” who was DISGUSTED when she’s not paired with one of the hot young guys. She ends up with the least attractive guy (who’s not gross or anything, he’s just not as pretty as the others). Ms. Cougar makes sure EVERYONE knows that she is disgusted by the Troll she is matched with. This bitch was TOTALLY a gay man in a past life.

I don’t know how often I’ll get to see Big Brother 9, but I’ll probably check back in from time to time to see how they’re doing.

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sonnyboy said...

That cougar was not happy. I think she and the other guy are going to be leaving soon.

David Dust said...

Sonnyboy - I agree, they won't be around long.

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