Friday, February 29, 2008

Brazil's National Underwear Day

Wednesday was "National Underwear Day" in Brazil. By the looks of these pics, it was a LOVELY day.

See more of the story from "Made In Brazil" here.


Beth said...

oh man.....I would have loved to have been there!!!

Marker said...

Top row right is ATD - absolutely to die. So adorable and hot. I think I'm just that much more gay right now.

Thank you DDust!

Marker said...

By the way, can we just agree that Brazil rules?!

Not only are the men fantastic (see pics), but look at the women. I'm as gay as it gets, but even I can tell that they're super-hot. Get it girlfriend in the white, bottom row left!

Can you imagine National Underwear Day in the U.S.? I can't either. It would never happen. First of all the Xtians would freak out, then our lame-ass "representatives" would trip over themselves to enact a Sense of Senate resolution condemning it, and then, worst of all, we'd have to see so many of our hideous fellow 'murcans in their undies.

Let's face it, there are just some things that Brazil does better.

David Dust said...

Top row right is def. my fave.

And I would agree that Brazil rocks. It is a huge country filled with gorgeous and horny people.

And a few years ago it was DIRT CHEAP to go (thank you G.W. Bush for allowing the dollar to go into the toilet. I should have gone to Brazil when I had the chance.

David Dust said...

BTW - we DID have an underwear day in the US a few months ago. There were half-naked men in Times Square - and they weren't turning tricks (as far as I could tell). But yeah Marker, Brazil does something like this SO much better.

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