Monday, January 24, 2011

Emails From D-Bags

I got the following email over the weekend:

Dear David Dust
I have reason to believe that you have used my name and probably my images on a blog, website or any type of uploaded internet post and you have not been given any permission to do so.  
I recently found blogs with my pictures stolen from my model page and posted on various websites which are strongly supported and and sponsored by the GAY community which has tarnished my image to both my working environment and my family.  If you read the messages below [Note from David: these messages are not included here] it shows that I have contacted various sites and have attempted to remove my images already.  
When I google my name a link to a post on you comes up and I am trying to reduce any more damage to my image.  Please remove all images and my name related to any of your blog post or similar.  If you havent used my name or image I apologize and disregard this message.
Very Concerned 

After a quick investigation, I found out that this guy is a model and DANCER (more on that later) and at least one DustBunny blogger had posted his pictures and (gay gasp) NAME - but I most certainly had not.

Here's what probably happened. The aforementioned DustBunny blogger posted this model/dancer's pictures on his blog. Since there is a link to DavidDust on my friend's blog, this model/dancer assumed I couldn't resist his hotness and immediately posted his "stolen" pictures on MY blog also.

Closetcasesaywhat?!? First of all Missy, I had to Google your tired ass because I never heard of you. Ever. When I did a Google search, there were certainly no pictures of you with links to my blog. And judging by the last sentence of your poorly-worded email, you obviously didn't take the time to investigate which blogs actually thought your pictures were worthy of "stealing". THIS blog (and blogger) certainly did NOT. 

Now let's address the (hot pink) elephant in the room, shall we?!? You are a DANCER and you think that being featured on websites which are "strongly supported and and sponsored by the GAY community" is going to hurt your little Cha-Cha career?!? Mary, puh-leeeaase.  Girl, you need to look at your life and look at your choices. No one forced you to put on tights and toeshoes - but once you did, your "image" became gayer than Liberace at the Ramrod on a Saturday night. During Pride.

Embrace your inner (and judging by your pictures - OUTER) Nelly - it's the only way you'll ever truly be happy.

Oh, and by the way ...

Note: I replied to his email and basically said "Um, never heard of you. If you provide me with a link to where I've posted one of your pictures, let me know and I will happily remove it".

I truly have no problems when models email me and ask to have their images removed. Sometimes their careers are starting to take off and they want their image to be a little more controlled/exclusive - and sometimes models change careers and don't want future employers seeing them in a pair of skivvies. But when they email me with A) No example of any instances of me using their pictures on my blog and then B) Flat-out tell me they don't want to be included on a "gay" website, then I have a little bit of a problem.

But, then again, it's Monday and I could just be cranky ...



js said...

Oh, David
probably you're cranky on this monday morning but that makes you soooo funny. This post made me laugh so much. Plus you are SO right.
Please go on "posting pics on various websites which are strongly supported and and sponsored by the GAY community which will tarnish the image of many guys to both their working environment and their family". That's what we like ! said...

I have received e-mails like that as well and although I am always happy to remove I find the tone like that so homophobic and rude.

I removed the link of that person who e-mailed me only to google his name and see he was on a dozen porn sites. AND I was running his image with full clothed photos?

I think your response to him was perfect!


Miss Ginger Grant said...

I can't believe a GAY person stole pics from his model page!!! That's just cruel, because everyone knows how hard it is for gay men to succeed in the "good ole boy" world of the modeling industry!

Great response!

designing wally said...

First of all: Well said.
Second: I think we all know how successful he will be in his chosen field - IF, "Teh Gays" decide NOT to talk about him....
(She really needs to take a good look around!)

Sassy said...

Thanks so much for the laugh this morning David. I absolutely loved your response.

Then again I am a HUGE fan of bitches. ;)

Robert-Kent said...

He should only wish he had "Le Gay" following..bitch cranky Mondays :-)

Mark, née Fuzz said...

Yes, you did come off as needing a big old bear hug this morning. But it is understandable. That queer was seriously in need of the verbal high colonic you gave him. He's obviously way overdue for a good flush.

Beth said...

Good for you. If he's got proof that you did what he said you did, then you would have acted appropriately. No proof? Get that accusing finger outta my face! XOXO

Wonder Man said...

I agree with Fuzz

kayce. said...

+10 for the sassy gay friend reference!

nitrox11 said...

I always think that if someone puts up pictures on the interwebz of themsleves in their knickers they shouldn't get all uppity if the menz start looking at them and posting them around. If they don't like it they can always cover themselves up and get another job. Taking your clothes off for photos is gonna attract 'that type'. Always has, always will.

Oh and BTW, my favourite response to unsolicited scam mail and or offensive email is to reply with this:

Anonymous said...

David, I am shocked---SHOCKED!---how could you post those pictures of the hard to remember gay guy who, um... is you know, tryin' to make an honest living? I mean, really.

However, that last FUCK YOU is priceless.

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