Saturday, January 22, 2011

MSNBC Made Me Cry Last Night

As many of you have already heard, Keith Olbermann and MSNBC ended their relationship abruptly last night and Keith (as well as Countdown) signed off the air for the last time. After hearing this - and determining it wasn't some elaborate prank - I cried like a baby.

Yes, that's a tad dramatic but dammit I'm a Queen and we're allowed - nay, REQUIRED - to bring the drama when we feel strongly about something. And I feel VERY strongly about Keith Olbermann.

If ya'll haven't figured it out by now, I spend a ridiculous amount of time on the computer. So much so, that I rarely watch television anymore - since my computer and TV connections are in separate rooms. In a way, this is good because I'm not wasting hours every week watching Seinfeld reruns. But it's also bad, because when one of the few shows I actually watch comes to an end - it really affects me. And Keith's sudden and unexpected departure last night hit me like a ton of bricks.

Keith Olbermann was the only cable news talking head who made any sense to me. He helped me get through the George W. Bush years, the oil spill in the Gulf and so many other frustrating events with my sanity (relatively) intact. For whatever reason, I GOT Keith - his intellect, his sense of humor, and yes - even his occasional pomposity.

So not being able to hear his take on the new Republican majority in the House - and then the 2012 elections (and beyond) simply freaks me out. Yes, there's always Rachel Maddow - but I don't connect with her like I did Keith. And if you think Rachel won't be toning down her progressiveness under the new Comcast overlords - especially after THIS - then you're kidding yourself.

In the meantime - Fox "News" and their right wing propaganda machine chugs along - now virtually unchallenged.

Dear Keith - you will be missed more than you can ever imagine.




Miss Ginger Grant said...

I'm pretty sure someone will pick him up... If he's smart, he'll do it as some sort of podcast over the internet and take the TV overlords out of the loop all together!

mrs. miss alaineus said...

i just saw this! i haven't processed it yet. is it possible he is going to another network? is there even another network that his views would be copacetic with?


designing wally said...

I'm devastated as well, and quite agree with you, I like Maddow but she's no Keith. And they will tone it down over there, which is the saddest part, because what they are turning down is the truth and "us".

froggy said...

I wished they would move Rachel to Keith's slot. I'm not surprised about KeithO. being fired/letgo/removed - he has a history of fighting with management and his only manager defender left with Comcast. This was his longest gig. His show was on at 5pm here and that leaves us with O'Reilly (not an option) and Parker Spitzer on CNN (barely an option).

Regardless - I think we are strongest when we have all sorts of voices and everyone gets to speak his or her mind. I'm sure he'll wind up on his feet. Not sure how long the 'do not compete' clause will last and TV will again become an option. I'm betting something on the interwebz.

MJ said...

I will miss Keith so much and do hope he will be broadcasting in some form. I believe I read he has a "contractual" obligation that could keep him off TV for 2 years as that is the time remaining on his current contract. I recall when his dad was so sick and the updates he would bring to the viewers. His obvious pain and sadness over the man who was his role model and who he loved so deeply.
Sad day indeed.
Thank goodness you brought us a very funny Caturday.....the laugh was needed.

kayce. said...

my internet has been fucking with me (THANKS FOR THAT, TOO, COMCAST) for the past two days, so i'm just now hearing about this... tragic is all i can say. and i agree with you not only on being set adrift w/o keith, but also in terms of rachel's opining. comcast is going to make nbc suck so hard. i bet they'll even tone down 30 rock, which makes fun of its "fake" kabletown overlords far pretty freely.

Mark, née Fuzz said...

I can just see that egomaniacal horse's patoot of a jackass Bill O'Reilly gloating over this. I will miss seeing him crop up on Olbermann's worse, worser, worsest list on a regular basis. O'Reilly, to me, is the very personification of pure evil. I am saddened to lose even one who calls him out.

Fluffycat said...

You should just watch TV on your computer like I do, then you won't miss anything. :D

I actually watch more TV shows now that I got rid of my cable - and zero commercials.

Mr. Jackson said...

David, I teared up a little myself and I am still very sad today. I really hope he is gone for too long. I loved KO.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

It was quite the surprise last night.

Mark in DE said...

I understand how you feel. Like you, I felt a connection to Keith. He seemed like the best straight advocate for GLBT issues, and helped me get through the Bush years as well. Hopefully he'll be back on the air in 2 years.

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