Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This Week's Shenanigans

Quick update about this week's blogging schedule:
  • A big event at work will keep me from recapping both the season finale of The Fashion Show (airing tonight) as well as this week's episode of Top Chef All Stars. In fact, I probably won't even be able to watch them this week - let alone recap. UPDATE: There will NOT be a new episode of Top Chef All Stars this week - just repeats (thanks All Top Chef!).
  • Speaking of not watching, I am without LOGO at my new apartment so I was unable to see the season premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race last night (below) - which truly devastates me. And YES, I know I can watch it online, but with the work stuff I might not have the chance.

  • Starting on Friday I'll have a houseguest - DustBunny Kailyn - and on Saturday the Mistress Maddie will be joining us (if she can get over her flu). Needless to say, a trip to The Urge Lounge (AKA "The Urges") is planned so we can support the fine art of the dance and the artistes who practice it. As long as I can scrape up a few crisp dollar bills...

Anywhore, blogging will be hit or miss all week - but I'll definitely try to post a couple times each day.




froggy said...

oh noes!! We finally have Logo. So far our favorites are Alexis, Raja and Mimi.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

You didn't miss a whole lot on RPDR- it was "meet the trannies" night. Maybe I'll do a quickie rundown on my blog to hit the highlights... just for you!

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