Wednesday, January 26, 2011

United States of Shame

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First we had U.S. States by MOVIE, then TV SHOW, followed by U.S. States by FOOD - and now we have U.S. States by what each state is the worst at. And YES, they are officially scraping the bottom of the barrel for "U.S. States By" categories.

New York? We are supposed to be ashamed by our daily commute (unless you live in the city and take mass transit and then it's a breeze, but who am I to argue with a colorful MAP?!?). And my native state, Pennsylvania? Arson. Hide yo kids, hide yo matches - they burning up 'errbody in the Keystone State!

What should YOUR state be ashamed of?? Froggy, I'm looking at you ...



froggy said...

ak! ak! ak!
Actually I'm not surprised. Something about a farm and horses. NOT on our side of the state. We have this east side, west side thing going on.

Lee said...

I'm teacher salary ashamed. But I do think it's funny that Utah, home to those upright, righteously God-fearing Mormons, needs to be ashamed of their porn usage. LOL

Bob said...

Mobile homes.
Don't call 'em trailers or they'll sick the hound dog on you.
And by hound dog, I mean their toothless, illiterate, pregant, twelve-year-old daughter.

I may burn for that, but, since I don't live in Pennsylvania......


Psychomom said...

Looking at all your problems, it's no wonder I'm all anti-social. And I'm not ashamed to say it!!!!


Miss Ginger Grant said...

As a dual-patriarch who claims 2 states, I'm not surprised that Texas leads the nation in dropouts, based on the size of the state and percentage of youth to the total. I must say, I had no idea Louisiana was such a hot bed for the clap- but then again, Miss G doesn't really run in such circles!

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