Thursday, January 27, 2011

Astoria (Queens), NY

19 inches of new snow

And NOW I'm going to try and get to work...

UPDATE: I made it to Manhattan. But this was the scene outside my front door:



mistress maddie said...

huh, I guess this means no outdoor cocktails!!! We ended up with about 16 inches here! And Im off again.

froggy said...

What did New York City do to incur the wrath of the weather gods? And who can you sacrifice to get back in their good graces?

Craig said...

Oh honey!

I am thinking warm thoughts for you!

As soon as I heard it was gonna snow heavy there again I wondered just what you would wake up to lol.



mrs. miss alaineus said...

stay bundled up and wear your mackintosh and your galoshes!

i was thinking of you on the way home- be safe i saw a car spin out, hit two other cars (one was parked) and then go up on the sidewalk, hitting a building on the way home.


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