Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Enough Already!

Forgive me for blogging about the weather (again) - but this constant snow thing is becoming depressing. The above picture was taken of the walkway in front of my building this morning - and the flurries have continued all day. And tomorrow they are forecasting a lovely mixture of snow/ice/rain/slush:

You know, I REALLY should buy a pair of boots.



froggy said...

Scientifically proven - make a purchase to deal with the weather and the weather will change.

David Dust said...

Froggy -

And that's why I keep hesitating. Every time I find a pair that I can afford, I say to myself "Naw, winter's almost over - you can wait until next year!".


Joy said...

It really is getting old here, too, so I can imagine how you're feeling!!

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