Saturday, May 28, 2011

Does This Mean I Like Miley Cyrus Now???

Miley Cyrus has been tweeting to her million-plus Twitter followers to boycott Urban Outfitters (Facebook group HERE), because UO's founder/CEO is a teatard and supporter of homophobe Rick Santorum. Keep it up, Miley!

However, my cynical, evil twin (a drag queen named "Miss Spent Youth") wonders if this is simply a ploy by Miley's people to get her in good with the Gays. After all, you can't be much of a Pop Diva these days without the Friends of Dorothy on your side.

This is actually Danny Devito

Then again, Miss Spent Youth (above) is kind of a bitch, so you should probably ignore her.

BTW - you can show your support for Miley by following her on Twitter (HERE). I'm sure she's lost some of her loving "Christian" followers as a result of this - so let's make up the difference. 



Big Mark 243 said...

Yeah I saw it... sounds opportunistic but once you commit, there you are...

... maybe in her 'behind the music' special she will blame it on the alcohol..!

mrs. miss alaineus said...

i boycotted urban outfitters like 16 years ago because they sell tacky shit at hugely inflated prices that you can get at a damn salvation army for a lot cheaper.....


Christopher F. Brown said...

"Then again, Miss Spent Youth (above) is kind of a bitch, so you should probably ignore her." CTFULMAO

THIS is going to be my new saying

"oh (fill in the blank) is kind of a bitch so you should probably ignore her/him


kayce. said...

hm... miley is doing something sane/sensible? i'm not sure how to feel about this development.

and now i'm a weensy bit glad i'm bigger than a size 8 and therefore not allowed to wear UO ~ i'd be boycotting their teatard asses now anyway. ;)

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