Sunday, January 31, 2010

Are You On Twitter Yet?

Are you Biatches up on the Twatter  Twitter yet?  If not, what are you waiting for?  Think of Twitter as BookFace  Facebook for anti-social people.  You don't have to comment on your "friend's" new pic or status changes. You don't have to "Buy A Biatch A Drink" or "Send A Ho A Hug".  And you aren't brow-beaten to play games like FarmJewel, MafiaVille, and WarTown.  You also don't have to worry about whether or not to "friend" your mother and your boss.

And when you log into Twitter, an alert doesn't go out to your "friends" saying that you are now logged in - prompting requests to chat.  This is the reason why I don't do BookFace ... I'm "just not that into" some people.

Check out Twatter  Twitter ... and FOLLOW ME.  Because I am absolutely "into" all of my Twitter Ho's.

Get it?!?  Twitter "HOSE"!!!!  ...



froggy said...

I am on Twitter and I follow you :-) I am not under my name and I don't post but I have found it really interesting to follow people - especially news people, people involved in my favorite reality shows, some authors, etc. I started this as Gorilla Boy and friends have a project going involving Twitter so I thought I would find out more about it.

Cliff O'Neill said...

Oh, dearest David! I can't stand the chat thing but live on Facebook. It's dead easy to disable that. Just click on the chat thing on the bottom and slide the slider to offline. Boom. No more bothersome chatters and you can enjoy Faceplace as much as you like!

David Dust said...

Froggy -

I figured out who you are... :)

Darling Cliff -

BookFacers ALWAYS tell me how to disable that thing. But, as I stated, I have a lot more problems with Facebook than just that.


froggy said...

I bet it wasn't hard! I looked long and hard for that picture!

Joy said...

I'm following you on Twitter but don't check it very often. I have an alias, too. I keep the chat thing disabled on FB all the time.

Beth said...

Tranny, I don't Twatter...maybe I should do that instead? ;) FB takes up alot of time..I get obsessed..."LIVE FEED! LIVE FEED!" "Who just woke up and is off to work?!" it's the Devil all right.

So, I just go to and then look for you or what? fuck, this is too much work.


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