Thursday, January 28, 2010

Project Runway - Tonight!

Tonight on Project Runway, Tim Gunn and the fashiontestants return to familiar territory - the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Based on the picture above, I'm assuming they'll be visiting the museum's fantastic Costume Institute for inspiration.

This week's challenge will force the designers to work in teams of two ... [cue 'Dramatic Chipmunk/Prairie Dog/Gopher']...

dun dun DUN!!

Will there be under-the-bus throwing amongst teammates?!?  We shall find out tonight.  Look for my Episode 3 recap to be posted sometime tomorrow afternoon.


Sassy said...

Why do I suddenly feel this challenge is going to suck? Whenever they get near a museum my eyelids start to droop. Oh well. At least they're working in teams.

mistress maddie said...

I think tonight will be a good show also. Maybe the challenge will be to design a frock for the dearly departed Nan Kempner!!! That would be intresting.

Joy said...

I'm looking forward to it no matter what! Loving having it back in NYC!

Brent said...

Full disclosure: I haven't seen this yet; I usually pick up a repeat on the weekend.

HOWEVER, I predict one of the design teams will be scorned by the judges because they create something "costume-y". So WHY do they take them to the Costume Institute? I especially fear for our fierce ghetto-fabulous queen; doesn't he work in costuming?

Really, you'd think that the fashiontestants would know by now some of the head games the show plays, including being shown actual costumes for "inspiration" and then being punished for creating a costume.


OK, thanks for letting me rant. I predict that Ping will be auffed tonight, by the by. I don't see anything like what she does in the previews at the Costume Institute. But maybe her partner will save her.

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