Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dear Arby's Publicist - What About ME?!?

Look what I saw on the Lost City Blog - a Publicist for the soon-to-open Arby's in Downtown Brooklyn contacted them...
Today, a press agent for the fast food franchise—which has taken possession of the beautiful, 19th-century, landmarked interior of the old Gage and Tollner space on Fulton Mall in downtown Brooklyn—reached out to Lost City.

Aside from offering an interview with an Arby's rep (
yes!), the publicist wanted to communicate two things. Arby's will bring 110 new jobs to the borough, and—very exciting—the joint will offer free Wi-Fi.

What irks me about this is the fact that Lost City, which is otherwise a great blog, has NOT been supportive of my favorite Roast Beef Fine Dining Establishment moving into the historic Brooklyn space.  Meanwhile, who has been a bigger champion of Arby's than I have???

Dear Arby's Publicist: I am available for a VIP tour on Thursday in exchange for all THE  FREE  PUBLICITY I've been giving you.  And then I'd be happy to sit down and enjoy my complimentary meal of delicious roast beef and curly fries.  You can reach me at so we can work out the details.

With Love and Horsey Sauce,

David Dust


Bob said...

Someone in their PR department needs to go if they screw up this opportunity!


MJ said...

IMHO, you deserve a years pass to the new Arby's for all the advertising they have enjoyed from your blog. I think I will try to contact them and inform them of your support and the lengths you have gone to for an Arby's dining experience. Time for the Dust Bunnies to step up for David.
Here's to many curly fries in your future.

MJ said...

OK, just sent an email to Arby's and asked they be generous to you.
They have a "contact us link"....let's get some action going for David here!!!

Anonymous said...

Honey, you oughta be their official spokesman! I'm off to let Arby's know about their number one fan!

mikeinbama said...

I hope you get your free VIP tour of the new Arby's. Keep writing the publicist until you hear from them.

Joy said...

Yes, you should be their VIP spokesperson! Let the emails begin!

Mark in DE said...

Lost City's less than enthusiastic welcome of the new Arby's is no doubt the reason Arby's reached out to them. Reaching out to you would be like preaching to the choir. Sorry, David Darling.

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