Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pat Robertson Voodoo Doll

What a great idea!  Someone has made a Pat Robertson voodoo doll and is auctioning it off on Ebay.  All proceeds will go to Haitian earthquake relief.
Finally! What you've all been asking for! A one of a kind, handmade PAT ROBERTSON VOODOO DOLL.

After an exclusive deal with devil, we are finally able to bring black magic into your very own home! The lucky winner of this auction will attain the soul of Televangelist PAT ROBERTSON in a handheld figurine comprised of the finest straw, cloth, and other organic natural materials!

Ever wanted to cause Pat Robertson a massive headache? give him back pain? jab him in the crotch? Of course you have! Well then BID NOW to own your very own physical representation of the dark, dark soul of Pat Robertson.

Accessories included with the doll are Pat's very own "HOLY" BIBLE and BAG OF MONEY taken from real Americans! WOW!

Go HERE if you'd like to bid yourself.  But you MUST promise if you bid highest and get the doll, the first thing you'll do is sew Robertson's mouth shut.

Hat tip to Americablog.


Jennie said...


froggy said...

The bid is at $560 at this moment. All proceeds go to Haitian relief via the Red Cross. The questions and answers are hilarious.

Todd said...

is there one for rush douchebaugh????

Joy said...

What a good idea! Love it! Hope he finds out about it and has a breakdown. Love what you said about sewing its mouth shut!


Mark in DE said...

Where's my lighter?

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