Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to Anita Baker

Happy Birthday to Anita Baker - who turns 52 today.

The YouTube video above is Baker's "Been So Long" from the Rapture album.  In college I could SHUT A PARTY DOWN by putting on the slow, soulful stylings of Anita - especially when other people wanted more upbeat music.  My friend Shelly and I would get wasted, pop in the Rapture cassette, and sing every note of every song - as people would evacuate my dorm room in search of less depressing friends.

I still know every note to this song - including the intricate scatting part.  You should get me drunk some time and ask me to do it for you - it is a SHOW-STOPPER!  Literally.

UPDATE:  I THINK Miss Anita shares her birthday with Dust Bunny Blogger Bob, from I Should Be Laughing.  Happy Birthday Bob!!!!  And if his actual birthday isn't TODAY, I know it's this week - so go visit him and wish him a happy birthday!!!


Bob said...

And I could duet [do it?] with you!
I loves me some Anita!
We'd blow the, um, er, roof off the joint!


Mark in DE said...

OK, let's make it a trio, cuz Grrrrrl, you know I wo' OUT my "Rapture" cassette.

Here's the plan: Next DDBW the 3 of us sing an Anita trio at some karaoke joint! Good times!!!

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