Friday, September 10, 2010

Last Night on Project Runway

Look at me.
Now look at your man.
Now back to me.
Now back at your man ...


Feel free to discuss last night's Project Runway in the Comments.  Here is my two pennies worth...

  • The highlight, for me anyway, was Michael Kors in the workroom.  That Orange Biatch was just as entertaining there as he is during judging - AND he seemed to give great advice to the designers. Of course it's easy to predict what the judges will like when you're one of the judges.
  • I still don't see why everyone hates Michael Costello.  Seriously - does he fart in his sleep or something???
  • Ivy is gross.
  • Casanova grew on me over the past few weeks - I'll miss that Loca. But since we live in the same neighborhood I just might run into him sometime - we can bond over "getting fat!".
  • And, finally, Ivy is gross.  Or did I mention that already??

What did YOU think?...



Miss Ginger Grant said...

Ivy IS gross! It think she and Valerie are bumping uglies! Neither is as talented as they think they are!
And I agree... what's so bad about Michael Costello, other than his lack of grammar?

froggy said...

We are bereft! There are so few likeable people left. Mondo was a gentleman and stepped up to the plate - we loved him for that. Lols at your Tim on a boat!

Sean said...

What did Andy do to his hair?

Does Michael D wear any shirts that open all the way to his bellybutton?

I was surprised to find that I thought Casanova was rock'n his jeans for the runway show.

Now I know why Andy has that spray on makeup - serious acne scars.

Michael C in top 3 not Michael D.

Joy said...

I'm pissed! Poison Ivy should have been banished!! I like Casanova. Yes, he lives "close from you" as he said. Hope you see him. Michael C is OK. What's the deal?

Tim on a boat! Priceless!!


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