Sunday, October 24, 2010

Featured Athlete - Maxime Mermoz

Maxime Mermoz, 24, is a professional French rugby union centre currently playing for Perpignan. Mermoz was born in Épinal, a town in northeastern France.

Things that are HAWT about this guy:

  • First name = "Maxime". Hawt.
  • Will whisper sweet nothings into your ear (in French) while you're having "relations". Hawt.
  • Arms you can swing from. Hawt.
  • And, finally, those thick rugby legs and superbootay. XTRA HAWT.


Wonder Man said...

he is hawt

nitrox11 said...

Il est fantastique! Voulez vous beaucoup de Monsieur Maxime d'Hawt? Cliquez ici mon cheris:

David Dust said...

Nitrox -

Merci beaucoup!


Mechadude2001 said...

Those arms are GiNormous!

Lucky said...

i hate rugby but i love rugby players! and aussie rules too.

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