Friday, October 22, 2010

Last Night on Project Runway

So - did you watch Project Runway last night? Traditionally, the second-to-last episode is one of the most tedious for me to watch, and last nights episode continued that tradition...

Some thoughts:

  • I know some people love it, but I don't enjoy seeing Tim Gunn "drive" across the country to visit the designers. Mr. Gunn seems so out of place the minute he leaves Manhattan, and oftentimes looks visibly uncomfortable. Also, I bet that drive to Hawaii was a killer - but at least Lifetime gave him a G.P.S.
  • Was it just me, or did Michael Costello's boyfriend seem like a bit of a biatch?? He outed Michael to Michael's parents?!? This has occurred among friends of mine - and I can tell you that it usually happens during a nasty fight when the "out" partner decides get back at the closeted partner by outing him. I'm not saying that's what happened - but that boyfriend just seemed STANK to me.
  • As far as the outcome of last nights show goes, if you think Lifetime ("Television for Women") was going to let there be an all-male finale, then you are smoking  buttercream  silk charmeuse  crack. Gwretched can thank the producers for her spot at Fashion Week - because those clothes were just WRONG.
  • Judging by comments I've read on Twitter and elsewhere, some were not impressed by Michael C's "breakdown" after he was sent home. Personally, I felt bad for the guy. Michael obviously wasn't close to his family prior to being on the show, and (rightly or wrongly) felt that Project Runway would be a way of gaining their respect. When he was sent home, it seemed like the the thing he cared about the most was losing his family's love and support - not the competition itself. I was heartbroken for him - and hope he and his family can improve their relationship, regardless of what happened on Project Runway.
  • Finally, can we just crown Mondo the winner already and get this over with??

So, what did YOU think about last night's show? Feel free to share in the comments...



Lelio said...

I agree- My heart was breaking while Michael was having his meltdown. His boyfriend seems like kind of a dick and his family obviously isn't supportive of him, and I think he thought that winning the show would be his way of proving to all of them that he is actually worth something. It just seemed like winning, for him, would be a lot less "This will be great for my career" and a lot more "Maybe my family will finally accept me." Sad. :/

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I'm with your- crown Mondo and end the misery: anything to keep me from looking at more of that wretched crap Gretchen bangs out. When Nina Garcia called is "granola festival" I snorted my pedialyte through my nose. And I'm glad someone else noticed Michael C's creepy BF- he is one snarked-out mess! I STILL can't believe he served THE Time Gunn out of aluminum foil hotel pans!

Kanani said...

You called it right over on PRG: Gretchen's granola was chosen over Michael's ostrich look because they just couldn't fathom and all male, all gay lineup.

In addition, I found it offensive when Gretchen said "They're MY boys."

Not since Wendy Pepper has there been such a player. However, this group of designers ...hate to say this, were the stupidest posse ever. None of them perceived they were being manipulated by TWO arrogant, unhappy, mean persons (Ivy and Gwretchen) and they all climbed on the dysfunction train.

Really, except Mondo and Michael, the rest were asshats. All of them. I have NO affinity for any of them, except that first girl who got cut wearing crazy dreadlocks. Now, really. She shouldn't have been cut.

Mondo was the only one to break free.

At least Tim got to drive a Cadillac. Small consolation for having to drag his ass to at least 10 different houses. And this 90 minute format sucks. So little actually gets done except more commercials.

The biggest ha ha? Tim looking at fish. Andy whacking a coconut with a machete.
Okay, I'm done. I have to work. As usual, you are too much fun.

Mark in DE said...

I agree that Tim Gunn looks uncomfortable at the 'home visits', but that's what I love about them: seeing Tim Gunn out of his element! I LOL'd when he jumped and screamed when Andy's fish was flipping around!!

Gretchen's clothes were TOO accessible, like KMart. There's a reason its not called KMart Fashion Week. Michael Costello should have stayed and Gretchen should have gone home to... ooops, according to Gretchen, she HAS NO home.

froggy said...

I could not watch MichaelC's breakdown I had to leave the room. I wondered if his partner's attitude was barely suppressed anger at MC's family and that the situation might be worse than MC will let on... sigh.

I hate to be bitchy to my gender but I think Lifetime For WOMEN put in the fix starting with April. No way were they going to let April's black, slinky, slutty outfits continue. Too many older women clutching their pearls. They want younger women but not loose younger women!! Gretchen's 70s schtick fit right into their demo. I was in high school and college in the 70s so we're looking at 50-ish women who are looking askance at anything our daughters might wear and heavens forbid they go out the door in a sheer black nightie!!!

Dan said...

* I actually enjoyed this season home visits. They seemed to focus more on the relationships versus the clothes, giving some idea of where these designers come from.

* Michaels friend/boyfriend, whate ever he was was indded a skank. I got a not so nice vibe from him.

*Gretchen seemed to get a little karma thrown her way whenshe returned home and found and empty house and bank account. She should have been gone a long time ago. Raggedy Ann and Andy now have a designer for their clothes.

*I completely got Michaels breakdown and felt sorry for him. This guy wants nothing more than to be excepted by his family and I know where he is coming from. Some of us equivlate our personal success with exceptance.

* Mondo won this contest a long time ago.

Kanani said...

Yup, agreed. Mondo won this a long time ago. But wasn't he the dark horse? When he started he was this geeky kid in stripes and shorts.

There's a buyer for Michael's work: Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Scottsdale, Dallas, Atlanta.

As a woman, I've always found Lifetime's programing condescending to a very low level: women in distress; women as victims; women who want to be saved; saccharine sentimental stories about love.

The only time I watch it is when Project Runway is on. But I find the judges to be boooring and annoying now. It would not be unwise to replace the three with new ones who would give a different take on this elusive thing called "fashion."

kayce. said...

i agree with you about his boyfriend... as soon as michael said "outed me to my parents" like it was normal ass normal i started giving the BF a side-eye. then, he got all snippity about the family going to fashion week b/c they were only recent supporters ~ totally invalidating michael's need to connect w/ his family. seems to me michael went from one controlling family to another, and i hope he gets some help, boosts his self-esteem and GTFO.

i also have to co-sign the mondo comment, although considering it IS lifetime and we DO have some seriously crack smoking judges, we can't really count anyone out. but from the pictures i saw of the runway shows, mondo is the clear winner, even in the entire pack of 10.

Anonymous said...

Finally watched the tape yesterday. Agree - I was stunned that Michael was outed by his boyfriend?!? Um, what? Wow.
Also - I spent the whole episode wondering where I'd seen this Asian guy in the audience of the Dust Desserts LA Times function. By the end of PR I realized it was Wisit Prapong from Top Design! The one who sang opera. Did anyone else catch him?

MCWolfe said...

@klisaanne, thank you for solving that mystery! Wisit, of course! He was one interesting fellow.

As for Michael, a lot of his situation and responses to things can be laid at the feet of his being a gypsy but I agree with all who think his BF is a bit of a dick. I think there's a lot more to that relationship that Lifetime Television for Women could show us.

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