Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Inspiration: West Point Students Walk 22 Hours to Pay Respects at WTC

Andrew, Phil and Gary. Photo by Peter Shankman

Blogger Peter Shankman encountered 3 tired-looking young men yesterday in Manhattan carrying big backpacks. They looked so out-of-place that he ask them what they were doing...
“Well sir, we’re walking from West Point, where we go to school, to Ground Zero to pay our respects.”
I asked them how long they’d been walking, “About 22 hours” was the answer.
I asked them if they were going to do anything when they got there.
“We have an American flag we’d like to hang on one of the fences if we’re permitted to.”
What incredible young men! And damn - I hope they bought Metro-North tickets and took the train back to school - at least they'd be able to sleep!!

SOURCE (via Gawker)

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froggy said...

:-)) that's all, just a big smile.

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