Friday, October 22, 2010

President Obama - "It Gets Better"

I realize that many people (especially those of us in the LGBT community) are upset with the President and the current administration over the handling of DADT and other issues. I too am disappointed and upset. However, it's things like this - President Obama speaking directly to LGBT kids at risk of suicide - that reminds me why I voted for him.

Ask yourself this: would a "President McCain" or a "President Palin" {{shudder}} or even President George W. Bush have made a video like this?? Absolutely not.

I think Joe.My.God said it best:
It's a heartfelt, well-written, and sincerely delivered message. Let's try to divorce this effort from "the other issue" and talk about what a message like this from the president of the United States might mean to a young queer kid. And once again, let's thank Dan Savage for what is easily the most successful and widely-heard pro-gay campaign in the history of our movement.


MJ said...

I agree, a really good message from the heart. Ironically, I think that much of the hatred that is spewed from the right wing has been fueled by the simple fact POTUS is Af. Amer. I am proud people were able to see beyond his color and elect him, but I also think it has become such a huge distraction in times when that is the last thing we need. It is my hope POTUS will do more in communicating and connecting with people. Despite the fact he can be a great orator, IMHO, all too often he comes off as cool and detached and it makes me long for Bubba. BTW-I do believe Cindy and Meghan McCain would have been in everyones face about bullying.

Wonder Man said...

I'm happy he's done this

Beth said...

When I saw Hillary's "It Gets Better" video the other day, I loved it and said something like, now let's see one from the President! So when I saw this this morning, I was so thrilled, and his heartfelt message brought a tear to my eye. Wonderful. XOXO

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