Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Don't Worry, It's Just a Surveyor's Mark




zot said...

I get it, and I realize that Palin's face is not actualy in the crosshairs on the t-shirt...but still uncomfortable with this as a response...the old two wrongs don't make a right.

froggy said...

wow! that was quick. In two hours it might be for sale someplace.

Bob said...

I agree with Zot.
If we blast Palin for her crosshairs, aren't we just as bad for putting them on her?

nitrox11 said...

There shouldn't be a problem with this. Palin's spokesperson went on talk raido and said how offended she was that people had thought they were crosshairs. The host and she discussed how they were 'surveyors sights'.

Natch, they totally 'forgot' to explain why the page had been taken down, or more fundamentally, what thought process prompted Palin to publicise her webpage featuring these 'surveyors sights' with the comment 'Don't retreat RELOAD'.

What I am trying to say is if Palin says they are 'surveyors sights' then take her at her word. She wouldn't lie. Would she?

Right wing commentators couldn't possibly have a problem with her image on a T-shirt featuring innocent 'surveyors sights'. If that T-shirt were sold to raise money for charity they couldn't possibly raise a silly objection like it normalised violence. Could they?

David Dust said...

Dearest Dust Bunny Nitrox -

You nailed it. As always.

Dearest Dust Bunnies Zot & Bob -

I understand your queasiness about seeing crosshairs on this t-shirt. But the point is to show the utter ridiculousness of Palin saying "THEY MOST CERTAINLY ARE NOT CROSSHAIRS!". It wasn't to show Palin as a target - but to show her hypocrisy.

I understand the 'two wrongs don't make a right' thing, but if those were just surveyor's symbols (as the Right Wing claims) then no one should have a problem with the Tshirt. In other words - they are claiming it wasn't "a wrong" - so there aren't two wrongs at all.

If Palin's people would simply admit that the symbols were gunsights (as we all know they are), and apologize for the mistake, then I feel like it would indeed be wrong for me to post this picture.

I know we are supposed to be the better people - this shirt represented my feelings about this controversy at the moment I posted it. Would I hesitate posting this now? Maybe. But at that moment I wanted to show how asinine Palin's "explanation" was/is.

I thank you for your opinions, and value them greatly - you know that.


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