Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm Going To Tell You A Secret

I can't keep it to myself anymore - I'm going to reveal who my Top Chef buddy is. Some of you may remember that back in November I posted about corresponding with one of the current Cheftestants:
She/he read my first recap and thought I was funny, so he/she sent me an email. As always, I was extremely honored that someone from the show would actually read my recap, and I was even more blown away by how sweet this person was. I warned her/him that they might not like me so much by the time he/she goes home, because I can sometimes be "brutal" in my quest for funny. I was assured that this person was tough enough to handle it, and I was told to continue doing my thing.

I had said that I would wait until this person was kicked off (or won) before I revealed who it was. Well Dust Bunnies, I can't wait any longer - I SUCK at keeping a secret...

Yes ya'll, Stefan Richter (AKA Stefan of Finland) and I have been emailing back and forth since he read my very first recap. He even told a lovely female friend from Finland about me, and now SHE and I are buddies. Stefan is a complete sweetheart, and we have vowed to meet for a drink the next time he is in NYC. Get your mind out of the gutter bitches - Stefan is straight.

So I was genuinely shocked when an idiotic right-wing website called Stefan out for wearing a "Communist T-Shirt". Sweet Baby Jeebus - give me a break.

"Newsbusters" - a website dedicated to "Exposing and Combating Liberal Media Bias", posted the following picture and commentary:

Stefan Richter could be seen wearing a red T-shirt with a gold hammer & sickle -- the emblem of Soviet totalitarianism which oppressed hundreds of millions and murdered tens of millions -- inside a gold-outlined Red Army star, matching the colors and symbols on the Soviet flag.

"Newsbusters" also conveniently provided a link to Stefan's European Catering company in Santa Monica, CA (his hometown). As a result, cave-dwelling right-wing AssHats have been harassing Stefan for being a dirty Communist. He has even received DEATH THREATS!!

Give me a break. It is a vintage T-Shirt he bought in Venice Beach 5 years ago - it's not part of a childhood Hitler Youth Uniform!! Leave it to the Right-Wing to find a conspiracy in a stupid T-Shirt.

You can criticize Stefan for being "cocky" (I would say "confident"). You can criticize Stefan for having an attitude (again, stemming from his confidence). But sending him death threats for being a Communist?!? That's pretty lame.

For the record, Stefan is NOT a Communist. In fact, if all goes well he'll be a United States citizen in the spring. So give me a break, IT'S A FRIGGIN T-SHIRT!!

Speaking of t-shirts, here are the type of t-shirts they sell on "Newsbusters":

"I'd Rather Be Waterboarding"??? Keep it classy, fucktards. Torture is funny!!

I have created a new T-Shirt for Stefan - but I doubt the Right-Winguts will be happy with this one either...

Keep on doing your thing Stefan - and keep in touch!


mistress maddie said...

Sooooooooo,are you going to get these mass produced?

chef_the_city said...

OMG @ the effing right wing... i cannot explain in the limited space here how much i loathe everything about these fucktards (LOL david). this is on par w/ bill-o screaming about spongebob being part of the "gay liberal agenda". le sigh. i can haz tuesday NAO plz?!?

oops, i buried the lead. sorry.

THE SECRET IS REVEALED!!! now we need to know the REAL scoop ~ did he win? did he turn whatshername straight? did he get to see gail's boobies up close and personal?!? give us some gossip! LOL.

oh and stefan, if you're reading this: as you know, no one is more inventive or less malicious w/ their snarkiness than mr. dust ~ he keeps us reading about you & that's a good thing... right? =D

theminx said...

Aww...I love your matching t-shirts!


Joy said...

Stefan, huh? Interesting! We never know who reads your blog and is in touch with you. You manage to stay objective and equal in your commentary. Well done!

I cannot believe those t-shirts on that site! Those people are HORRIBLE! Death threats to Stefan - scary!! I hope they lose interest and never act on them. Can't the police do something about that? They need to be in prison.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I guess I got my wish- he's straight!
I'd pull my foot out of my mouth but the 4 inch spike heel is stuck!

PS- I still don't like him.

frogponder said...

I's blowed away! And I'm aswoon for any guy with an accent.
(Wonder what he thinks of the Lovebirds storyline?)
Also thought the t-shirt dustup was silly - the Soviet Union will never come back, waterboarding is still a real threat until Tuesday.

Berry Blog said...

I sent you an email before I read the post..yiskadeeem yiskadoo ME. Not that he can't defend himself, but I love your retorts to the "tards".
Christ said " am come that ye might have life and that ye have it more abundantly", and these fuctards are trying to take it away.
xoxoxo charlie

mikeinbama said...

hahahahaha.....I thought I was bad about keeping secrets but of course you told me about Stefan months ago.

You better give Stefan hell like you do everyone else. You can't play favorites....hahahaha even though Stefan is the best chef on the show.

gaysean said...

I like the cute polar bears.

Kailyn said...

Psssst. Here's my secret. I like Stefan more than Fabio. But then again, I like a man who seems like he's up for a good argument.

And that t-shirt? Is that a response to my request for a Dust Bunny shirt?

Tracy said...

Of all the guys you had to be friends with ... did it have to be the most annoying contestant? Only Toby whats-his-face is more irritating than Stefan.

Vavi said...

DD , I just read this, the secret is out !!
I'm in Switzerland with a bad internet connection :)
We cant wait to meet you (and I'm sure Stefan doesnt mind me saying so)

totally ridiculous this Communist BS..

Beau said...

hmmm... where's my post?

Jacki said...

I can't believe you revealed the secret, and here I thought I would have to wait.
Think you can talk him into doing a guest post? I want to know what he thinks about Padma. The husband and I fight over her all the time!

Renee said...

How did I miss this post? This is so cool.

The Newsbusters peeps are morons.

Nanc Twop said...

Could be Stefan's a Manchester United football fan? - they used similar shirts to support the team in a game against the Russians(?) once. And they made'm in kids sizes too.

M.U. t-shirt for kids

Meeg said...

Oh I just noticed the tshirt thing.

I totally have that same shirt, I think you can buy it at like Urban Outfitters.

All Power to the Soviets!

Margo said...

I can't believe it!! Stefan is my absolute favorite this season!!! I just screamed out loud in my hotel room after reading this post so not sure what impression my next door neighbor got after that. ;-) So, so cool!!!!!!

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