Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Calculate Your Life Expectancy

Go HERE to find out how much time you have to complete your "To Do" lists.


ToddyEnglish said...

My real age is 26.
My virtual age is 13.
Average life expectancy is: 72.5
My life expectancy is: 90.6

I need to do more to get it to 120

Kevin said...

Well this is just great.

Uh, David...you didn't post yours. I'm not showing you mine until you show me yours.

David Dust said...

Kevin -

I thought no one would notice. My life expectancy is 68.1 :(



Kevin said...

No chance! I'm at a joy inducing 64.

My virtual age is much much older than i really aim, so it looks like some serious changes are in order.

"This carcass ain't croakin' or I'll sue!"

Psychomom said...

Biological Age: 48
Virtual Age: 30.7
Average Life Expectancy: 76
Your Life Expectancy: 93.3

Don't hate me, it's the "Good who die young". I'm gonna live forever............ bitches

Howard said...

I am not sure I understand that one, but my real age is 47, virtual age is 36.5, and my life expectancy is 86.5 Somewhat mind boggling, as I can't picture how cranky I will be by then.

Beth said...

84.7!!!! and my virtual age is 35, which is kinda old, if you ask me. My boys say I'm like a 12 year old boy most of the time!!

and you're 68.1???!!! Oh honey, we're gonna change that NOW!!! I cannot live almost TWENTY years without My Tranny!!! I will die of a broken heart.....


Joy said...

My real age - 65
Virtual age - 53.2
Average Life Expectancy - 80
My Life Expectancy - 91.8

It's possible I could live that long. My mother is 88 and going strong. My aunt who died last year was 90 and another aunt who died recently was 87. I'd better get out and exercise and lose some weight so I'll want to be around that long. I don't want to live to that age and be sick. My father died when he was 56 of leukemia but possibly would have survived that if he'd had the treatment available when I had lymphoma at the same age he was when he died. That really gave me a scare! Everyone else was in their late 70's and 80's.

David and some of the rest of you had better shape up! We need you to stick around!

Renee said...

Here's mine:

Biological Age: 41
Virtual Age: 26.5
Average Life Expectancy: 75
Your Life Expectancy: 89.5

You can expect to live approximately another 17700 more days.

Anonymous said...

My real age is 36 , my virtual age..15 :D
life expectancy, 95!!

yay :) XOOX Vavi

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