Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Scare Force One

I thought this kind of dumbassery was supposed to end with George W. Bush. NBC News anchor Brian Williams, among others, thinks someone should pay.

If I was on the street in front of my work I would have been able to see the plane - but luckily (?) they keep me locked in a windowless office most of the time.


Miss Ginger Grant said...

I loved the comment that one reader made below the article that said "I find it hard to believe that the President doesn't know where Air Force One is at all times." Just shows how stupid peopel can be! There is more than one plane that can be designated "AF1", and they only carry that designation when the pres is aboard. And the tought that our citizens think that he sits around tracking aircraft all day just shows how stupid people can be about what our President does. It seems like the public is turning on Obama, and have created a "lose/lose" situation where no one can garner positive public opinion in that role. Thanks, media!

Anonymous said...

The New York Post is an intensely stupid newspaper, and I use the term "newspaper" loosely in this instance. This sort of posting is completely unnecessary. After eight years of criminal behavior (and worse) by George Bush and his Rovian goons, I will forgive the Obama Administration practically ANYTHING -- including this. You might notice I am not alone in this sentiment.

Jennie said...

Wow...tremendously bad judgement on someone's part.

frogponder said...

I saw a cell phone video of people absolutely panicked by the site.

Waaaay out here on the West Coast, even we look askance at planes in the sky.

About two months ago fog closed the Portland Airport. Planes were sent all over the PNW and some of them arrived here. I remember watching several of them and it felt a bit scary. This was not normal. It made an alert on our local paper webpage so we knew what was going on.

I can only imagine how NYC felt.

Beth said...

My initial reaction to this news story was sort of like, "What's the big deal?" Then I realized I was being narrowminded and imagined how many New Yorkers are still traumatized by the sight of a low-flying plane. So I understand why it was very bad, and it was obviously mishandled.

However, I think blaming the Obama administration as a whole for the incident is just plain silly. I doubt if he even knew what was going on with this photo shoot...he's got bigger fish to fry! So I'm with Miss G on this one (but poll numbers show that the Pres has still got a very high approval rating).

By the way, I didn't know Brian Williams writes a blog. I just loooooves him, so I started following his blog!

Hugs, Beth

Joy said...

When President Obama said, "It will not happen again" in that firm, steady voice, it showed he is not to be messed with! Bet he took care of it big time!

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