Thursday, April 30, 2009

Google Fun

I'm obsessed with my Feedjit thingy (located at the bottom of my right sidebar). Feedjit tells you where visitors to your blog are physically located, what website they came from, and where they go when they leave. It will also tell you if someone got to your blog as a result of a Google search - and if so, what they were searching for.

Yesterday, someone from Hixon, TN found DavidDust by Googling the following:
why is it that new members at tmobile get a new phone but people who have been with get a stupid discount that aint nothing
I cut and pasted that bitch EXACTLY, because it cracked me up! They ended up on THIS post about my new (free!) phone. Speaking of my new phone, I still don't know how to use the MP3 thing, but the radio is FIERCE!

When I was looking for pictures to accompany this post, I found the above. Go ahead, follow the instructions and see what happens. Google is funny!


Beth said...

Haha! Love the Chuck Norris stuff.

Probably the search phrase I see most often for my blog is "spaghetti cat lyrics." It cracks me up that Spaghetti Cat has generated so many hits for me!

Mark in DE said...

That Chuck Norris search is hilarious!

The Office Artist said...

so you've caught me pasadena, ca. very embarassing, but always sunny.

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