Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Love You, Mom

I'd like to wish my Mom - the fabulous Mama Bunny - a very Happy Mother's (Bun)Day. I love you, Mom.

How great is my mother?? Well - she gave ME a gift on Mother's Day!! Yep - I'd been complaining that my cheap Walmart sneakers were killing my feet anytime walked for more than 20 minutes. So my awesome Mom bought me sneakers! Check them out...

Here's a weird thing about me - for some reason I've never felt the need to spend more than $20-30 on sneakers (which I wear every day - including at work). I'm not a penny-pincher - I'll spend money (if I have it) on almost anything. Except sneakers, for some strange reason.

But since these days I'm just shy of 300 pounds (Did I actually just admit that??), my poor feet just can't take it anymore. So the cheap kicks are out, and my new Asics Gels are in. Thank you so much, Mama Bunny!

Finally, a bit of poetry I found on the innerwebz (because if I wrote one it would be epically bad), for my Mom on Mother's Day:

To My Mother 

For all the times you gently picked me up,
When I fell down,
For all the times you tied my shoes
And tucked me into bed,
Or needed something
But put me first instead.
For everything we shared,
The dreams, the laughter,
And the tears,
I love you with a "Special Love"
That deepens every year.
Author Unknown (Source)

Happy Mother's Day to the bestest Mom EVAH.



dot4668 said...

A lil' something for the soul, I think...

froggy said...

Happy day to Mama Bunny too! I know she'd be a kindred spirit in motherworld. She did a good job with her bunnies.

pearpenguin said...


I just called my Mom. Thanks for the reminder. I'm just reaching 200 lbs myself and my feet kill me. I'm 5'5" so 200 don't look so good on me. At 300 you may qualify to be on Biggest Loser. You'd be great with your humor. I don't remember seeing too many gays on that show other than the trainers. But how do people afford to take months off work for reality TV? On 2nd thought, a lot of the cast are 400l,bs and up so you may be too slim.

SteveA said...

Happy mother's day to you and yours - love the sneakers :)

Wonder Man said...

Happy Mothers'Day

Tivo Mom said...

Thank you for the smile. I love how much you love your mother and hope that my boy does the same as he grows up. Plus I have the same shoes and love them. Missing you my friend. Gotta get back into the swing of things.

Sassy said...

Obviously you mom did a good job of showing you the love as you grew up.

Nice job MamaBunny.

mrs. miss alaineus said...

enjoy your new shoes and give your mom my best!


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