Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pet Peeves

The Fabulous Miss Ginger Grant (who is coming back to NYC in August - YEEAAAH!!) did a “Pet Peeves” post the other day, and challenged her Ginger Snaps to do the same.

So here are some of the many things which make me crazy… just in case you were wondering ...

Cluelessness. This is different from stupidity. You can’t help being stupid, but you can ALWAYS get a clue…

The way the younger generation speaks: When, like, every other word is “like” – and every sentence, like, sounds like a question?? Why to they TRY to sound so clueless (see above)?

The sound of loud chewing. This really grosses me out. If you are chewing, please keep your mouth shut. You are not (necessarily) a COW, but you certainly act like one.

People who are ridiculously cheap – especially tight beeyotches with plenty of money.

Negativity as a primary personality trait. If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut. ESPECIALLY if it’s about something/someone you KNOW I like.

People who don’t listen. There WILL be a quiz later - so PAY ATTENTION!

Anyone who thinks they are morally superior over others. We ALL have skeletons in our closet – and it’s usually the “moral” ones who have Brontofrigginsaurus-sized skeletons in theirs.

Pickles on hamburgers, and pickling in general. Unless you're talking about Pickled Eggs (below), which are a delicious treat I remember fondly from my Central Pennsylvanian upbringing …

What are some of YOUR pet peeves? And you're not allowed to say "Pet Peeves Posts"...


Psychomom said...

Govenors who have affairs on their wife then appologize on the news. Who cares, well maybe the wife would have liked to have known.

People who thinks it's okay to call my salad 'too healthy or rabbit food' as they eat a bag of potato chips.

People who comments about my weight like I just was born this way and don't work hard at keeping in healthy.

Drivers who don't think bicycles should be allowed to ride on the road.

People who live beyond their means like they don't know how to add.

People who don't say what they mean or are just big liars.

David Dust said...

Thanks for shouting out Gov. Mark "Sanctity of Opposite Marriage" Sanford. What a fuckweasel.



frogponder said...

I like the illustrations.

- People who belittle or humiliate children.
- Adult bullies. Kids we can catch, adults it is probably too late.
- Religious certitude and intolerance.
- The phrases 'real people', 'working families' and 'struggling' anybody.
- Lima beans, green beans, soy beans!

frogponder said...


This *may* replace douche nozzle as my new favorite word.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I don't like negativity, nosiness and people who ignore a friendly smile, but my biggest pet peeve right now is getting peed on. I'm pretty much done with that.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola said...

Psychomom - I second the cars vs. bikes thing. Hence:

People who text while they drive.

Those that check their iPhone/PDA throughout a conversation or meeting.

People who don't like pickles. [Sorry DD ;)]

People who would rather play politics than give a reasoned argument.

Rene Zellweger

People who have become complacent about how horrible a disease AIDS really is.

People who talk the talk, but have others walk the walk for them....

behrmark said...

People who don’t control their children. There’s a reason God invented belts.

Cops who don’t remove their sunglasses. Eye contact is a great communication skill – try it some time guys.

Billboards in Spanish. No offense to anyone but the official language is English. Learn it.

TV commercials that are louder than the program. Louder commercials won’t make me buy your product.

Wonder Man said...

Fake louis vuitton bags...just save up for a real one.

a 5 month plan is all it takes

David Dust said...

LOL @ Lola: "Rene Zellweger". I am STILL laughing.

But pickles are NASTY, Yo.


Bob said...

I, like, don't have a clue, about what, like, bothers me? But, I, well, I, um, like ::::chomp chomp chomp:::::mmmm good burger ::::chomp chomp chomp:::: but it costs way too, like, much money, so I stole a coke to, like, make up the difference?
Still, like, I don't get hot papis and, like, that stuff? You know, I mean, like, why do you think they're, like, hot? Or like Top, like, Chef, and those, like, blog people, who, like tell you, like, everything that, like, happened on the show? Only they, like, do it the next, like, day?
I'm sorry, like, what was the original post, or, like, question? I mean, like, I don't care, because I, like, don't really think, this is, like worth my, like, time or, like, effort?
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Pickle, like, I love it?

David Dust said...

Bob is, like, evil.


Beth said...

As I wrote on Miss Ginger's site, my ultimate pet peeve is when people invade my personal space. For every step they take towards me, I take a step back!

Yay for pickled eggs! My Mom always makes some for me for Easter. I love them, but very few people do. I even did an entry about them a long time ago, before we "met" each other! XOXO Beth

miss alaineus said...

i hate when things are misspelled for the convenience of advertising/ brevity. if it's a trade name i can deal

ie lite beer or jesus loves u

it pisses me off seeing people spell the only words i can spell right incorrectly!

people who drive slow in the passing lane or speed up to cut you off and then decided to toodle along at 5 under the speed limit also get a special one finger salute from me.

i have more, just cant put a finger to any of them at the moment.


Miss Ginger Grant said...

I LOVE pickles and I have never had a pickled egg! So, Beth or DD's Mom- someone has to come forth with a pickled egg recipe on their blog, since I practically LIVE on boiled eggs with this diet!

Bob said...

Like, how?


JenM said...

People who don't proofread!!!! Newspapers, newsletters and especially all the nurses at work who feel the only way to communicate it to make "signs" and post them in the bathroom (hasn't anyone heard of spellcheck?)!

For example:

All weights are do by monday thank you rose

WHAT!!!???? misspellings and what happened to the punctuation?


lisence renewals are due by monday. RN lisences, LNA lisences & LPN lisences

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest!

Amber LeMay said...

Hey DD - Thank you for reminding me that Bob bought some fresh dill pickles at the Farmers Market (

Also, noticed Google placed links about Pickled Egg Recipes and Pickling Spices along side this entry.

SOME of my peeves...

Hand written signs. In this day and age how hard is it to sit at a magic typewriter and print out a sign? AND it would have spell checker, too.

Foot shufflers. PICK UP YOUR FEET!!!

People who hog the sidewalk... if three people are coming toward me, why should I be the one to have to walk off to the side... Or if I'm behind five people walking side-by-side - how can I get around you?

Liars. Period.

Oh well, that's enough.

BTW - Got your buttons! If we go out this weekend I'll pin some on and send a picture.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Renee Zellweger! Haha! I totally agree. Ever since her face stopped moving and she lost too much weight and her lips took over her face I couldn't stand her. Beyonce is on my complete annoyance list with her too.

TV commercials that are louder than the show are SO annoying. Along the same line, I find that movies on TV tend to be way too low so you turn it way up to here the dialogue then BAM! the commercial comes on and you go deaf. Ugh.

Now for pickles. Have you ever tried pickled bamboo DD? My relatives from the south made it a few times for family reunions and such and I loved it so much. I do love pickled things though, but haven't had pickled eggs! Maybe I try a pickled egg and you try pickled bamboo and we can report back? Okay ;)

Sam said...

seeing any two people (including butch lesbians who seem to be the biggest offenders) all over each other, get a fuckin room already. So,you got a fuckbuddy.

People who drive and talk on a hand held phone, get a headset or hang the fuck up. I dont want to be stuck in traffic because you got your ass killed talking to the Il NaNa.

This list could be long so I'll stop at three.
Parents that let little Johnny, do what lil johnny wants, with no discipline whatsoever. It should be legal to whoop the parents ass with a belt,stick,hangar etc etc for their kid acting like a complete fucktard in public. Shut up, and sit the hell down till you are spoken to. Act like you have some sense.

Joy said...

I'll take your pickles and put them on my hamburger. OK? I'm right there with you on the others. Did you look off my paper?

FP, I feel the same way about parents who humiliate and hit children. I glare at them and give them my teacher look but have complimented parents who treat their well-behaved children with dignity and discipline.

Maybe I'll blog about this.

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