Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Time Warner Cable Strikes Again!

I came home from work a little while ago to find that my cable box is fried. I've tried rebooting, but nothing - it isn't getting any juice at all. Everything else is working, just not the cable box. I don't even want to call Time-Warner, because they won't be able to get here until September or October - at the earliest.

Of course this HAS to happen on a Wednesday, when I was looking forward to watching Top Chef Masters. Grumble, grumble, grumble...

UPDATE: No cable until Saturday morning ... when Time-Warner PROMISES to show up. I'm not holding my breath.


Sozo's said...

you have had the worst trouble lately with them. Do you have another provider in your area...I would have already switched!!

Stephen said...

& I hate the evil Comcast, here in Portland. I could go on & on...

Stephen said...

I hate the Evil Comcast (our cable provider). They are truly evil... I also dislike:
Being broke
Closet cases
Going to the dentist
Religious fundamentalists
Leaf blowers
People who walk 3 or 4 across on the sidewalk
Parking on the sidewalk
People that don’t pick up their dog poop
Talking during a movie
Inappropriate cell phone use
Crazy, berserk, fact challenged conservative Christians
Having exotic wild animals as pets
Carl Rove
Full price retail
Racism * sexism * homophobia
Waiting in line
Comcast (although I do nothing about it)
Not using your turn indicator
People who don’t vote
Michael Vick
Steak Houses
Really loud music emanating from souped-up automobiles
Job hunting (I tend to stay at jobs for a long time… I am at 7 years with my current company)
Bathrooms on airplanes
The Bush Family
Theme parks
Winter in the PNW

frogponder said...

If I find the SNAKE! again we can mail it to them...

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope you found a bar or a friend where you could watch.

mistress maddie said...

Do you have any other cable company you can use? Or is that it for New York City? If there is girl you soooooooooooooo need to switch. I never seen so many problems with one company.

Anonymous said...

if it's just the box, you can take it to the walk-in center on 23rd and Park and they will give you a new one-no charge.

Joy said...

So far on Top Chef Masters the ones I've wanted to win have won. I feel so fortunate. Tonight's winner is edging up close to Hubert in my heart.

Jennie said...

I LOVE that Google ads is shilling Time Warner under this post.

I'll agree with the other commenters. Comcast is pretty bad. We've had good luck with AT&T, but I miss my SureWest.

Mark in DE said...

Oh dear sweet baby jesus, not again! Seriously, you should figure out how many times you've had to call them and how many days you've been without service and demand to speak with a supervisor or regional manager. Tell them you are sick of such SUCKY service and if they don't have someone out within 24 hours, you're calling the NY State Public Service Corporation

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