Friday, May 29, 2009

Freedom To Marry

I'd be fighting for marriage equality like Pimp on his no-money-earnin' Ho, if this man wanted to marry me.

Please go HERE and sign the "Repeal Prop 8" petition from the Human Rights Campaign.


Bob said...

Done and done.
Have a fantatsic DDBW.

Distant Lover said...

David, I would be fighting too for this man's hand in marriage.
I live in Georgia and I'm about to take my tax dollars to Toronto where my right to marry who I wish is respected and recognized.
If the residents of CA did the same as well as every other backward state in the union and the taxes of these Bible-thumping, hatemongering, inbred Sarah Pailn wannabes go through the freaking roof because these States are already bankrupt since they have elected idiots mismanaging the States' finances, they would welcomed us back and let us marry who we wish!!!

Wonder Man said...

wow, he's a nice piece cake

Anonymous said...

he's sexy ... beautiful smile

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