Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jennie Needs Our Help

Jennie is my friend and a Dust Bunny and she needs our help. Her Dad is dying from ALS - and he is only 56 years old. She can't remember what his voice sounds like because he cannot speak. So Jennie has decided to help fight the disease by walking in the Walk To Defeat ALS this Saturday. Please read her post HERE and consider making a donation - no amount is too small.

Jennie is one of us, and she would do it for you because she is a true Christian (see HERE). I want to share something with you: when Jennie filled out her California absentee ballot, she proudly took a picture of her choice for Proposition 8 and sent it to me.

Jennie voted NO - because that's what a true Christian would do. Please help Jennie save her father's life and donate some of your money (or your time) toward defeating ALS. Click HERE to go directly to the donation page.


Beth said...

I love Jennie, and will do all I can to help her. We Dust Bunnies need to stick together. I believe we've all been brought together for a reason...and that's to love nad support each other in every way.

love you Tranny. More than you know.

Renee said...

I'm so sorry about your Dad, Jennie. :-( I'll send you a donation tomorrow- it's payday.

Jennie said...

David, your generosity and love constantly overwhelm me. Thank you to all the Dust Bunnies for your thoughts and donations. You made my mom cry!

David Dust said...

Oh honey, I didn't want to make Jennie's wine-drinking Mom cry!! But I know you would do this for me - so it's the least I could do.


Mark in DE said...

Wishing Jennie the best on her walk, and sending my thanks for her NO vote on Prop 8.

Mark :-)

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