Monday, October 27, 2008

We Might Just Win This

In my pre-election mania, one of the sites I check daily is Electoral-Vote.Com. According to them, this is where the electoral map stood as of yesterday (Sunday):

Obama 375 - McCain 157

And this is what the map looked like on the very same day before the 2004 election:

Kerry 247 - Bush 285

And here is how the 2004 election turned out:

Kerry 251 - Bush 286

As much as I don't want to jinx our chances, I like the way this is looking. But this doesn't mean we can let up. Give as much as you can during these final days - either money or time - so we can change the direction of this nation. If you haven't already, you can always join the Dust Bunnies For Obama by making a small donation HERE.


chef_the_city said...

ugh, i don't even like to think about it... everyone pray, do their superstitious rituals, and keep WORKING HARD... only a handful of days left, so let's make it happen! i will be so relieved when nov 5th gets here...

Joy said...

I'm a nervous wreck! No matter how many polls say he will win, I can't relax until it's over and he really does. I just won't be able to stand it if Obama doesn't win.

I'll be working at the polls operating the voting machines from 6:30 am until the last person in line at 7:00 pm votes. At least it will keep my busy but constantly thinking about it.

It just has to work out this time!

Jimmy said...

I feel the same anxiety. I am so excited that Indiana will go for Obama (fingers crossed). The word 'landslide' is getting tossed around, and that would be terrific because it gives more of a mandate to Obama. Republican intellectuals, so turned off by the Palin pick, are crossing over to our side. Never thought I would see that happen.

frogponder said...

One of my friend's sons is working in Colorado. He is terrified that his counties will be the only ones that don't go blue in Colorado. Not based on anything just general anxiety.
I remember when she told me he was going to work for Obama in Nevada during the primaries. I was thinking 'oh, I hope Obama holds on and Hillary doesn't take it all so fast' so he would have this wonderful experience. Little did I know! He went on to work in Texas, came home, recovered and then off he went to Colorado.

Tivo Mom said...

So I guess Florida is still up in the air? Very interesting. By the way I already voted and I am not telling for whom but I will say that all of your info and comments has definitely made an impression.

David Dust said...

Dearest Tivo Mom -



mark said...

isn't it time, there was a change in the voting system, and stop the winner-takes-all system and divide the electoral votes by percentage in each state.

realistically there are no blue or red states, but purple.
the current system makes a mockery of democracy and one person one vote!

Marker said...

Total agreement, Chef and Joy!!

I'm thinking of volunteering to be a poll watcher or something - just to make sure the Republican rat fuckers don't try anything.

Kanani said...

I'm very aware that our splits in the nation are pretty much 50/50. It's nervewracking to say the least.

Ugh. I can't wait for Nov. 5 to come and go. I'm really tired of ...the anger I'm seeing from either side. Good lord, I just wanna get back to fashion and trying my hardest to maintain my divine glibness.

Joy said...

I totally agree with Mark that the electoral college needs to be abolished for several reasons. It should be decided by popular vote. Even though TN is a "red" state, even the Harold Ford election was close. He almost made it, and that was a Lee Atwater/Karl Rove dirty, mud-slinging campaign the Republican candidate Bob Corker ran (because he had help from Rove). It got national attention.

Favors and too many concessions go to the large electoral vote states. We need major election reform.

Do it, Marker! Volunteer! I feel better about our machines and practices by working at the elections.

Mark in DE said...

This, along with what I've been hearing on CNN (etc.) is very encouraging. Let's cross our fingers for a Democratic sweep for President, Senate, and House so we can really get some things accomplished.

Mark :-)

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