Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ride 'Em Cowboy!


LiquidFiction said...
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Dan said...

There are soo many things I could say about these boys. Most importantly, they can ride me instead of a horse any old time. :)

Beth said...

#2 is hot!!! and the last guy has some beautiful skin....wow.

and SIX POUNDS Tranny? You biotch!!! ;) Keep goin girl!!!!!

chef_the_city said...

oooooh i want #1 (and he doesn't seem to be claimed yet, woohoo)!!!

Mark in DE said...

Yee ha!!! I mean, yum.

Mark :-)

Anonymous said...

#2 and #5 with a side of whipped cream, please.

How refreshing to see chest hair.

R said...

I'm gonna go with #1, #3 and #6

David Dust said...

R -

Me too.


Anonymous said...

There was a place down in Texas
Oh the memory comes so clear.

Where a man with some muscles
met a lad who had no fear.

The man said, sure "get on boy,"
but you see how big it is.

The lad was 'fraid of nothing
so he settled down with ease.

Up and down he rode the cowboy
Both each other wished to pleased.

The cowboy said "does it hurt much?"
The lad replied "no go deeper if you can."

The man thrust stronger, deeper, harder.
The lad was having way too much fun.

All at once the cowboy tensed,
and he shot off just like a gun.

Now its over, both are spent, both are sweaty, both liked their luck.
The cowboy wanted just to meet him, the lad wanted just to fuck.


"a seasoned rider"

mistress maddie said...

oooohhhhhhh doggy!There is something I would like to ride!

Marker said...

I would like all of them please.

What Dan said re: instead of a horse.

Howard said...

#5 can find me any time he would like. That is one bronco I would love to break.

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