Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Gay Pride Day!

Dearest Dust Bunnies, I'd like to wish you all - gay, straight, or undecided, a Happy Gay Pride. I won't be fighting the crowds at the parade today - I 'got my parade on' last year, so I should be good for a while. Besides, I will be very "Proud" if I can get all the laundry, cleaning, etc. done to prepare me for the upcoming week. Little things make me happier now that I'm older.

Every year over at Joe.My.God, Joe posts his pre-parade "Watching the Defectives" post. Please take a moment and read it - it is extremely moving and never fails to make me cry.

Stay fabulous everyone - and be safe!




Howard said...

And a very happy Gay Day to you, too! There isn't a local Pride parade here, so I will just have to think fondly of my memories of marching in the NYC Pride parade in the 80s, along side drag queens, leather daddies, ACT-UPpers, Dykes On Bikes, and the rest. Many of them were also friends. Most left us way too soon.

Thank you for the link as well. That is an amazing blog, and I share those sentiments a bit too well.

Beth said...

You, my darlin, are FIERCE!!! Keep it up! The world needs so much more of YOU in it!!! I know I need more...every single day!

love you and Happy Pride Day!


Marker said...

Happy Day After Pride Day to you, DDust!

I was going to stay home from the parade myself but changed my mind. Ran into several friends in da 'hood so it was fun, despite the intermittent showers and delays caused by someone falling off/getting hit by a float. (Who gets hit by a float?)

Earlier in the day a headline from The Onion's "Pride Issue" made me laugh a little: "Trying to Figure Out How Sucking A Guy Off Beside A Dumpster Fits Into the Pride Thing" (or something like that). Later, reality imitated "art" during the parade when I went in to the ATM lobby of a Chase branch along the parade route and interrupted a blowjob in progress.

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