Friday, June 6, 2008

Step It Up and Dance - Finale - "Too Much About Miguel"

Recap written by our Darling Joy.

David asked me to send him a recap of Shut Up & Dance, which is daunting since no one writes as engagingly and hilariously as our Dust Bunny Leader (DBL). That’s just one of the many reasons we love him. Anyway, here goes.

Last time I said I couldn’t quit Cody and Mochi, which turned out to be prophetic, didn’t it? I just wish I could have been right about the finalists of Top Chef, but it didn’t happen. 91% of us are still upset. What’s wrong with that 9%? Redneck lesbies?

This time on SU&D, Cody reflects on the criticism he got last week about being “snobby” which he took issue with and “cold” which he warmed up to. He said it was tough and he felt beat up but will have to give more. Nick cooked breakfast for all of them. Ah yes, a man who cooks! My unrealized dream.

Elizabeth and Jerry met them in the studio where Jerry will work with each of them for 30 minutes. They are ecstatic!

Nick wants to be that guy ready for competition and not be “that guy that people were like dude why didn’t he get his act together – he had time.” He leapt and danced; then Jerry asked him to tell him about the story, which is about someone making a guy dance. (Aha, the kryptonite theme is alive and well) Jerry helped Nick let the humor come through since that’s his thing. Nick is happy.

Mochi is doing “an Asian-themed dance about the Samurai warrior ritual-like sparring session with self” in what looks like a pair of blue cotton panties similar to men’s jockeys. This might be what inspired Jerry to ask what she was going to wear. He sounded almost like Tim Gunn then. Jerry nixed the kimono that someone from The Lion King gave her to wear. They decided there was a place in the dance where she could remove it and look like the true warrior she is. OK, I could see that, but I hope she doesn’t wear those blue tighties.

Fugly Miguel thinks he’s Superman? Right. “This solo is my forte! Choreography is my forte!” He is so full of it. If Superman had pranced like that, he’d have been with LOUIS Lane. At one time, Jerry said Fugly’s pointing would never be completely straight. No commentary necessary here.

Cute Cody is technically perfect and brilliant, and Jerry gave suggestions that helped and made Cody want to work with him in the near future. Cody believes that he connects with this music and will show emotion. I believe many will want to connect with Cody and will also show emotion.

Surprise! An opening number has been added! Keith and Sharon Young created a choreography to Fergie’s “Labels or Love” from Sex and the City – four friends, fashion, music, the joy of living in New York, according to Keith. They’ll be judged on their solo performance and this new dance. Nick said they are in Grand Finale Purgatory. Mochi decided Keith and Sharon were so positive that it was “just what we needed.” Nick still bitches about it. He does not like surprises.

OMG, Fugly broke it down for us and assigned characters to each of them from SATC, and I quote. “Mochi is Miranda, especially with THAT haircut. Cody is totally Charlotte because he’s so like prim and proper and like I’m Canadian like we do nothing wrong. Nick is totally Samantha, like a male slut, right?” And of course he thinks he is Carrie and says, “I’m all curly hair. Fashion forward. Never has a man. I AM Carrie Bradshaw!” She had many men. And don’t even try to compare your hair to SJP’s! [ed. comment: Fugly Betty DOES have that horse-face thing going for him – DD]

As a punishment for being grandiose, Superman came down from a jump wrong and hurt his ankle. Cody taped it for him and said he needs to go to the hospital. Cody has obviously suffered and knows how to tape. Later, a humbled Miguel hobbled back on crutches to the apartment. The doctor told him to stay off of it for a week. Nick has no idea what will happen to their partnering part in the new dance. “I guess I’ll have to go solo. Oh, Geez!” Man up, Nick. We don’t like Fugly, but it isn’t always about you.

Ah, the dilemma of Fugly Miguel! To dance and possibly ruin his career or to stay off of it and lose the competition when he might not win the $100K anyway. You think? He and Jerry have a heart-to-heart with hugs and tears. Very sweet.

Nick still has his eye focused on the prize but won’t let it consume him. Mochi still has those reddish streaks in her hair. Miguel needs shampoo. Cody and Nick give Miguel a pep talk if you can call it that. Cody said it depends on his “comfortability” with it (most of us just say comfort), and Nick said if M falls down and goes boom, they’ll keep on dancing and leave his ass on the stage. Have we seen this side of Nick before? He might be one of those bitter Americans Obama mentioned but for different reasons.

OMG! Mary Murphy, that woman with all the teeth who is a judge on So You Think You Can Dance, is in the audience! I hope she doesn’t laugh. Have you heard it? Cackling doesn’t even come close to describing it.

Jerry announced another surprise! Nick said if it’s a twist, he’s going to clothesline Jerry’s ass. But no! It’s their families. Hugs and kisses all around. Fugly is beside himself! He resembles his mama (same teeth) and will risk dancing on his strained ankle. Ever compassionate, Miguel thinks of how the other dancers, who do not dance as well as he does, would feel knowing they won without him in the competition. Obviously, his newly-discovered humility was instantaneous. Miguel is definitely getting too much attention in this episode and upstaging the others in the same way you have to look at a wreck when you drive by one.

Performance time! Big introduction! Many of the original dancetestants are in the audience along with other dancers and choreographers. Judges are the regulars, Vincent and Nancy, along with Keith Young and “music sensation and hit maker” Akon, who introduced his new protégée Colby O’Donis. The winner of the group dance will be featured in Colby’s new video Akon is producing. I have no idea who they are, but they’re getting publicity.

The group dance was great, and the audience was given an intermission and dancetestants sent upstage while the judges discussed. Keith thought they all did well but that Mochi ruled the roost. Akon said that Mochi worked the guys, and Colby agreed that she was the center of attention which is very good in a male singer’s video. They think she’s hot. Foreshadowing? Yep! Akon picked Mochi. We could see that coming.

In her final performance, Mochi did her Samurai dance. She’s wearing what looks like an indigo one-piece swimsuit and loses the kimono at the right time. Even I could tell it was a powerful performance. Miguel dances like his ankle doesn’t hurt. (cortisone shot?) I’m not seeing Superman in his performance, but it is really good. Ack! As if looking at Fugly weren’t bad enough, the cameras went to that toothy choreographer. I will be sick. Cody dances amazingly again and was more emotional, I guess. He looked at the audience a few times and smiled and looked pensive once. They said last week several close people to him have died and there was more tragedy I can’t remember. Wow! Nick came out like gangbusters and rocked it. He seemed happy and enthusiastic. Cody’s and Mochi’s dances were my faves. Papi Michael turned around in his seat searching for you, David. [ed. comment: I saw that part! – DD]

The judges were thrilled with all of them and let them have last words. Miguel thanked them for helping him become a stronger man and dancer. Mochi wanted to take us on a journey, claim her own destiny, and left her heart on the stage. Cody told them how hard it was to hear their criticism last week, but Nancy said she was glad he was pissed off because otherwise they might not have seen what he did tonight on the stage. Nick was glad he got his love of dancing back. I’m glad this season is over.

The judges discussed among themselves. Vincent thought Cody’s almost perfect technique has been a handicap because he wanted to know what else is there. Nancy thought he was strong and fired up. Vincent said Miguel is a monster which he means in the best way. What is that exactly? Ah, the freedom to show his passion and radiate. Yeah, radiate. They compared Nick to Gene Kelly and Nancy described him as one of her favorite dorks. Vincent said Mochi is like an exotic bird who told a story with power, grace, and elegance. They loved it.

Cody won! Why? Because he showed passion, jubilation, and an explosive technique. Cody has a cute girlfriend he kissed many times until he looked down and saw his mark on the stage and had a moment. Partly because the mark was shaped like a T, he thought about his best friend and dad’s partner Tulah (sounded like that) who passed away. Now I’m curious. Vincent has a point. Cody said somehow it helped him feel OK with what had happened. Then he said that even though we don’t want to show emotions at the time that it’s best to get them out, and dancing is his way to do it. I guess I should start dancing.

Thanks SO MUCH to Joy for this GREAT recap. Please feel free to discuss the show in the comments. And PLEASE thank Joy for her efforts!

P.S. - Laura K. (from BPR) met Oscar, Cody, Mochi, and Nick at the A-List awards! She said they were VERY, VERY, nice - and gladly posed for pictures. And Bravo should know that they SWORE up and down to her that they had NO idea who the winner was. So unless they filmed FOUR separate endings, those dancers are also pretty good actors!

Love ya Joy...Love ya Laura...Love your hair!!!!



David Dust said...

Ok - first comment. So Cody is straight?!? Why did they make a big deal about NICK being straight at the begining, but not Cody? But Cody is definitely straight?!?

I actually got to watch the late repeat of SIUaD last night - although I didn't watch closely. But I did look up at the precise time that my Sexy Papi Michael was on the screen. Mmmmm ... that's a fine Papi...

I LOVED how they told the dancetestants would be performing in front of a packed house of superstars. I kept seeing empty seats - and if Mary Murphy is one of the biggest names there, it was lower than D-List. Sad.

Actually, I feel a little bit bad for the show. The four dancers that Laura K. talked to at the A-List awards lamented a little bit about the lack of popularity of their show, as compared to others on Bravo.

They should have let Sexy Papi Michael win - then they would have had at least ONE MORE viewer until the very end ... ME.

Bittybis said...

dance partner -- not Dad's partner. His former dance partner was struck by a car and killed.

Jonnieonthespot said...

Nice recap. I thought mochi should win. Miguel does need some shampoo.

good job

Anonymous said...

I saw empty seats also.

TrollyGirl said...

"he'd have been with LOUIS Lane". LOL

Joy said...

Thanks, bittybis! Oh, DANCE partner! That makes sense now. I feel like Emily Latella. The word I use most is "Oh." My son makes so much fun of me when I do this. LOL

I feel bad for the show, too. It had all the right elements, so what happened?

I thought Mochi should haved won, too, Johnnie.

Thanks for the kind words! :-)

Timmy said...

Joy...great recap. I cringed when Fugly Mugly Miguel compared himself to Carrie Bradshaw. WHATEVER MARY!

I thought I was imagining seeing the empty seats so I'm glad y'all have confirmed I wasn't losing my mind.

I am SO GLAD you commented on Mary Murphy. She is the reason I don't watch So You Think You Can Dance. It isn't even a laugh. I'm not sure what it is.

I'm glad Cody won. I always thought he was the best dancer. All season long I kept thinking that Nick reminded me of someone and when they compared him to Gene Kelley, I had my "ah ha" moment.

Blockade Boy said...

I loved how the judges kept kicking the audience out of the theater every five minutes. What a cluster-fuck!

I thought Mochi should have won, but then, all "technically perfect" Cody had to do was smile for once and the prize was his. Yawn!

Miguel actually looks handsome to me with his new hair-do. He has really strong features -- kind of like an Easter Island head with hair -- and the new style shows them off to good effect. If only his ego wasn't so bloated!

And I knew Nick was doomed as soon as I saw his cheesetastic solo number. I'm sure he other expressions in him besides "douchey grin"; maybe he should have used one of them!

Berry Blog said...

Delightful collaboration. Soon David will be able to get away and vacation with Laura K or maybe one of his Papis. I've been over watching mouthy Murphy but like David, made me feel the blog was the next best thing to being there- if not better than. Now let's see Joy in tights, leg warmersm and army boots flying across the floor with feet outstretched and aimed at Murphy's mouth. Towanda!

Beth said...

I saw a little bit of the repeat, but ths show just failed to keep me interested. But what I DID see, I thought Mochi should have won it....

Good re-cap fellow Dust Bunny!!!! Does DD have a little competition??? ;)

Marker said...

Brava, Joy, Brava!

I actually started taking notes on the first showing of the Shut Up and Dance finale with thoughts of submitting an unsolicited guest blog recap, but after I saw the show once I thought Fuck it I'm not watching that crap again . . . so 1.) THANK YOU Joy, and 2.) THANK YOU DDust for all of your recaps - I have a new appreciation for the effort.

Just a few thoughts:

LOVED Jerry's Fred Perry at the

Blockade Boy: "douchey grin" - LOL so true!

Yes DDust, HELLO: Cody is straight?? WTF? I know he's Canadian an' shit, but dang yo. That part was so not appreciated.

Fugly Betty comparing herself to Carrie Bradshaw - No Fucking Way. No. She. Didn't. (DDust that was mean about the horse face thing. Don't tell me you're a SATC hater.)

Miguel: "I so want to cry right now" . . . honey, think how we feel having to watch you for the past X number of weeks.

Nick, if you need any comforting after your loss, I am so there for you man.

Really did not need to see a final shot of Miguel's sistah - whatever her name was. That valuable airtime could've been used to show more of Michael, who by the way was so looking around for DDust in the audience.

Miguel, sorry bro--I mean girlfriend--but that crap you do is NOT dancing. That is cheeseball music video/cheerleading finals on ESPN shit. The other three were actually dancers (as were some of the dancetestants who did not make it). Where were some real choreographers during the show? Why wasn't there a ballet segment? Was nobody from Alvin Ailey, Hubbard Street, ABT, Joffrey, etc etc etc available - or were they not interested? I'm sorry, I could've done that lame shit that Miguel did for his solo.

At one point during the group number, Miguel, totally overperforming as usual, did the full splits (complete with stressed out drag queen face). I was reminded of a link that NYC blogger daddy Joe.My.God posted about a year ago to The Greatest Drag Queen entrance ever. If I wasn't so deficient I would link it myself - maybe DDust can help us out.

Thank you again DBL DDust and Joy for your recaps. It was not easy, especially with Shut Up and Dance - but very much appreciated.

Laura K said...

Hi Dustbunnies!

I love dance and I love Reality TV so obviously I will watch any reality show about dance. "Step it Up" had a lot going for it - compelling personalities, talented dancers, great challenges, etc. So why wasn't it more popular?

In my opinion there were two or three things that should be "fixed." First, the judges, hosts, mentors, whatevers were kind of lame. There just wasn't enough personality from any of them to make me care about what they said. I really wanted to like Jerry... but... meh... obviously he's no Tim Gunn.

Second, where was the audience? You know when you watch any of the other "performance" type reality shows, there is an audience to respond to the number. Members hold up their signs cheering on their favorites. They react with disappointment when their favorite is cut. The production crew can interview audience members for reactions. It's just a lot easier to become invested in a show if you know that you are not alone, and that someone else feels the way that you do.

In this show, even very exciting and dramatic performances were met with a smattering of half-hearted clapping from the judges and maybe from the other contestants. A couple of the early episodes had a little bit of an audience, but seriously, compared to "SYTYCD" this felt like a really low-budget production. Even for the finale, you would think they could fill that small theater. But no. Sigh.

Also, it distressed me that so many of the episodes featured an injury. I understand that dance is demanding and dancers are often injured, but this seemed like a little too much. When I would see a promo that indicated that there would be yet ANOTHER injury in the next episode, I would just roll my eyes. It seemed to me like there just wasn't enough consideration given to the safety of the contestants.

Also, there are other ways to create drama besides:

"Oh, I am hurt, but I will tough it out and compete through the pain..." and "Oh, I am the best, I am going to win! No one else has a chance against me!"

It was a thrill to meet several of the dancetestants. They look exactly as they do on TV, except a little more rested.

I hope this show comes back. Thanks for blogging about it!

Joy said...

Thank you, Marker, Beth, Charlie, Jonnie, and Timmy! No, no, no, Beth, no way am I competition for our DBL! No one writes a recap like he does. I was afraid I went too far with the Louis Lane line and am still laughing at myself for "dad's partner."

All of us but blockade boy will be delighted not to have to see Miguel again. I saw Mary Murphy on a commercial last night and can't seem to get away from her. At least she didn't do that banshee shriek she thinks is a laugh. I can't think of an accurate comparison either, Timmy.

It was good to have that explanation, Laura K. Thanks.

Wow, DBL, you're becoming a celebrity! Remember us little people! Tawanda indeed!

David Dust said...

Darling Joy -

A "celebrity"? there something lower than "Z-list"?.

And yes Beth - our Darling Joy can certainly give me a run for my money. After all, she is a TEACHER for goodness sakes. At least everything she writes is grammatically correct ... unlike what I write.

I want to thank Joy AGAIN for doing this recap - and thanks to everyone else for commenting. A special thanks to Laura K. for her extremely insightful commentary. Bravo needs to hire that woman, I'm telling you!



Man said...

I know I shouldn't judge people and how they choose to live, their life style choices, or other stuff.

That said I'm surprised so many people actually watch these reality shows. It should be a sin. They're not real I expect to see any of these guys and gals on soap opera with their partial scripted lines.

It wouldn't surprise me if the dead dance partner came back from the grave.

Howard said...

Joy, fantastic job, and thank you for the recap. Well done!

I was stunned and amazed to learn that Cody was str8! For some reason, I thought I remembered Nick bitching about being the only str8 man there... Seeing Cody kiss his GF, I am sure I could make him happier.

I was very glad that Cody won, I thought he was an excellent dancer. I wasn't nearly as happy with the other 3 solos. Fugly Betty was cheezy and lacked technique, Nick looked like some tap dancers from the 40s, all smiles and cheeze-tastic, and Mochi was so very self-indulgent. But what do I know?

The coming and going of the audience was an interesting way to keep an audience engaged, be there for a total of 10 minutes of dance, and not let them get the payoff of cheering for a winner. Let's be real, couldn't the judges have gotten off their fat asses and gone to another room to discuss the winner, instead of dismissing the people who bothered to show up? They must be fans of the show, since no one would show up to see the judges or host...

Did I mention Fugly Betty annoyed me more than maybe even Crackhead Andrew from TC?

SexiPapi was hot, and obviously looking for DBL. I think he might have winked at a Dust-bunny or two, but only in anticipation of meeting and a bit of public groping of David.

Mary Murphy wasn't nearly as annoying to me as SU&D host, Elizabeth 'I hope I look good 'cause I have no other reason to be hired' Berkley. At least Mary was a dancer, and didn't just play one in the worst movie of all time. What a waste of airtime. An air.

Cody is str8. hmmm. still getting over that one... But he couldn't really get me too excited, because they kept switching to mood-killer Fugly Betty.

And, frankly, I was shocked the rapper/singer known mostly for his ability to simulate sex onstage with a 13-year-old minister's daughter would choose Mochi over Fugly Betty. Almost as stunned as I was that the sun came up this morning...

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