Friday, July 17, 2009

Last Night On The Fashion NO

Did anyone watch The Fashion Show last night on Bravo? Bottom line - the four remaining designers (Anna, Daniella, James-Paul, and Reco) showed their collections, and the judges sent one designer home.

And the person they sent home?.... RECO!?! The one designer who consistently showed his talents throughout the season was sent home. I realize his final collection left a little to be desired, but were the judges concerned that America might vote for him because he kicked ass all season?!?

Whatever, that show was a train wreck from start to finish. I'm ready for Project Runway.


Beth said...

oh Honey, me too....bring on PR!!!! this show just never did it for me...I even forgot it was on last night. But I did like Anna and the other chick with the long brown hair...but who cares!


frogponder said...

Watched it. Didn't vote. I never felt the warm fuzzies for the show like I do PR. Why is that? Sour contestants, poor lighting, strange judging standards. I was hoping for more of a tutorial on the nitty, gritty retail end of the fashion industry - got some of that but not enough.

I did like the mini challenge, Fern Mallis, I thought Kelly was fine as a wide eyed consumer of fashion and IsaacM. was fun (but still no Tim).

I'd like to see more tutorials. Why does one look make for great retail sales? How does a dress go from concept to pattern to marketing? Exactly how do you make a carwash/feather dress? How do those crazy runway silly dresses and odd looks translate into dollars for a designer?

Howard said...

Ultimately I just don't care about this show. I never thought I'd say this, but I liked Kelly R more than Isaac . And didn't really like the contestants or their work. PR will seem so great by comparison.

Kailyn said...

It had to be either Reco or Anna. Anna's collection was probably the most wearable.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola said...

I just can't believe we (and the contestants) have to suffer through another episode before this show gets canned. And the audience vote? Total BS.

Where's that PR promo? I can't wait for La Nina Fabulaosa's critiques to be music to my ears after this disaster....

Joy said...

I didn't get to see it but intended to. My DVR decided to record Miami Social instead even though it said it was Fashion Show. Even my DVR doesn't like it!

I have set it to record the next time it's on and can find out then why Reco was eliminated.

FP had many good points about what was lacking, and Tom and Lorenzo's suggestions should be used if they get to stay on.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Reco was ghetto- and his clothes were ghetto. Sorry.

That being said, what the hell was all that crap the little Asian runt cranked out all season?! Talk about some fuckin' ugly shit! It all looked like it was made out of garbage bags!

I'd take Rico's shit over Johns Paul's any day.

I predeict Daniella will win. I LOVED her grey gown!

Spoil The Ending said...

Love your always!! I put a link to yours in mine. Checkin' you on twitter.


buukfairy said...

Me, too.

Dust Bunny Lurker

shampoo said...

reco's collection had some problems... mainly the wedding dress. apparently danielle scooped up all the dangerously underweight models, so he had to make do with a just underweight model. not that it's her fault. it was a barbie dress. it even had a little golden price tag. so, that dress pretty much made the biggest impression given the model had so much trouble walking the runway with reco. she walked o.k. by herself, but I guess he was rushing her.

anna made her grandmother's closet. but her clothes were pretty.

danielle made a scary 80s throw back that wasn't as original as she thinks. it did have some good points, but the signature piece she showcased was ugly and the leather bustier didn't fit the model. it looked like leather armor (it's inspiration) she could have easily worn a thick shirt under it.

james paul's collection was not what he said it was. he called it "indigenous people wearing western clothes." to me it looked like he checked out some photos of foreign peasants (possibly from the past) and remade their (cobbled together by necessity) clothes in silk and velvet. I do not mean an insult by "foreign peasants," the people would probably have been farmers just dressed in their work clothes. those same people given silk and velvet would have come up with lovely outfits to wear to social events. his clothes were somewhat interesting but not any good for farming.

sorry for the long post... no one watched this thing & I have been DYING to comment! :)

Anonymous said...

Andy Cohen has stated time and again, that Project Runway will not return!!!!!!!!!!!! The Fashion Show is it's replacement!!

David Dust said...

Anon -

Project Runway WILL return - on Lifetime. August 20th, to be exact.

I hope and pray that The Fashion NO doesn't return - it was truly a train wreck.

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