Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Top Chef Masters - Tonight on Bravo

Don't forget - Top Chef Masters airs tonight on Bravo at 10 pm (EST). If anything fun happens, I'll post a recap tomorrow. Check out my recap from last week's episode HERE.

Speaking of the Bravo Network, did anyone catch Miami Social last night? I lasted about 30 seconds before I turned back to the All Star Game. I think they need to change the name of that show to Miami Sociopaths. I don't know what the deal is, but Bravo is quickly catching up with VH1 in the "Let's Show Gross People!" reality TV programming wars.

I swear, if I hear reports of the Bravo Network meeting with Bret Michaels for a "Rock of Love - Masters", I'm done...

For preview videos of tonight's episode of Top Chef Masters, visit our friends at All Top Chef.


C'est moi, c'est moi Lola said...

I'm with you DD about Blahvo's descent into reality-tv purgatory.

If this is their idea of bringing 'affluence' to viewers, someone needs to go back to business school and learn about brand management. It makes me think the (evil) Weinsteins may have had a point in fleeing to another network with Project Runway (just too bad they ended up on Lifetime!).

Seriously, without Top Chef, where will they be? And I'm not even sticking around for the next series of that after last season. Too much product placement, too much b.s. at the judge's table (except for Gail & the Boobies, of course).

Oh well, off to watch TCM or something else that can engage the brain...

Kailyn said...

The folks on Miami Social, for the most part, were less annoying than the children on NY Prep. And I think we're in store for a lot more reality tv. It's just so much cheaper to make than other stuff.

Bob said...

I caught the end of the Prep Kids and then tuned into Miami Social because I used to live there and, well, it's kinda nice to see the old haunts again.
But I digress.
I got the distinct feeling that when......if, really, the Prep Kids ever grow up, they'll turn into the Miami Social.
Young fools to old fools.
Yound whores to old whores.
Young asshats to old asshats.
It's the natural progression.

Joy said...

Thanks for the reminder. After the last few days, I sort of lost track of what day it was.

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