Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lady CaCa - That FACE!

Most of you know how I feel about Yonkers-born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta AKA "Lady CaCa". I'm sorry, but someone who feels the need to carry a cup and saucer around the streets of London (above), and wear these outfits during press interviews...

... obviously has some SERIOUS issues. But the video below reveals why Miss CaCa dresses so outrageously - she's trying to take the attention away from something else ...

OMG - I could watch this video ALL DAY!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Although I think the correct terminology is "BUTTAFACE".

My apologies to my dear friends Kayce, Tugboat, Wonder Man and the rest of you CaCa Lovers out there. I KNOW, I'm being a total H8ter, but I can't help it ... :) Besides, Miss CaCa makes it too easy.


Bob said...

I have, and have always had, a problem with people who try too hard, who will do anything, to get attention. I think they're taking eyes off the fact that they aren't quite as talented as they hope.
The outfits, the crazy hair, the carrying of the cup'n'saucer.
It's ridiculous.

frogponder said...

The frogs, oh, the frogs!!!
But I have now, thanks to you, finally, actually listened to her when I had not before... kind of catchy...

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola said...

That's okay DD, I'm a h8ter too for Lady Gag Me.

Have you seen the muppet carnage? She also wore a 'skirt' with a muppet face on it. I'm hoping to start a new group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Muppets (PETM), to stop the use of Muppet pelts in clothing. The Swedish Chef is our domestic front/explosives director....

Plus, that girl needs to cover her ass, literally. I'm SO tired of seeing it on tv.

theminx said...

The fact that you don't jump onto any bandwagons - that you are your own person - is one of the reasons I love you. Hate away!


Beth said...

OMG!! that is HILARIOUS!!!! She has got her "schtick" that's for sure, and it's working, cuz everyone talks about her. It's when peope STOP talking about you that you need to worry!

Her songs are so damn catchy....I curse myself every time I sing one!!!!


Wonder Man said...

She's just having fun. I mean, with Beyonce becoming the queen of pop, you have to do something to stand out

miss alaineus said...

k. are those the real words???

y'all know i listen to the metal so i have to ask and you are more then welcome to poke fun at me.

i thought she was a tranny train wreck the first time i saw her on tmz truth be told. like a klub kid gone horribly, horribly mainstream via mass marketing.

sign me up for the muppet protection league.


miss alaineus said...

ps she looks likeshe's trying to bite off of hello kitty with that bow hair-don't.


David Dust said...

Miss A -

Lady GaGa's real song is titled "Pokerface", and it's a catchy little tune.

But I much prefer this version...


CraTyr said...

1) I love David, and I read his blog every morning and several times a day to see if anything has changed :)

2) GaGa/CaCa is relatively new, definitely edgy, and makes music for the dance club scene. Why diss her?

Because you aren't her? Or because you are calcified in what your think is okay?

Y'all are a bunch of haters lol.

No, but really, so she is plain looking (to be kind) and outrageous in her clothing, do any of you remember Madonna in the 80s?

I am NOT saying GaGa in on par with Madge, but I clearly remember everyone over the teen/twenty something generation hating her.

She personifies something people are afraid of. A flat refusal to conform to our expectations.

Same thing that us gays do to the "straight" world. We refuse to fit into their idea of what is normal/traditional/acceptable.

So you don't like her music. You don't like her clothes. You don't like her lifestyle.

I give her kudos for even being out there and doing something with herself instead of working a boring 9-5, hating her mortgage, husband and kids and wishing she had done something with her life.

David Dust said...

Dearest CraTyr -

I appreciate your kind words, but we're gonna have to agree to disagree re: LaCaCa.

But seriously, did you SEE the Kermit The Frog outfit?!? I walk around wearing a permanent Miss Piggy outfit - but it makes me neither edgy nor fabulous. :)

I will admit, I find her songs to to be incredibly catchy. I am humming Butterfa ... I mean, POKERFACE right now. But she makes it too easy to ridicule her. When she gives us such a big opportunity, it's a Snarky Bloggers sacred duty to rip her to shreds. :)


Sam said...

Before I type this let me put on my body armour, o.k. here it goes Hey look Barbs is fugly as they come, and wore some hideous dresses in her day. So there is hope that someday all my ho's will get on the Ga bandwagon, or maybe not Hell to this day I've always said Ms. Streisand was way over rated, and I can name several women who can sing her under a table.

CraTyr said...


Yes, the kermit outfit made me almost cry...I ran for my guest room to make sure she hadn't gotten my kermit from my stuffed animals.

and you ARE fabulous and edgy in your miss piggy outfit. Its much prettier than my Troll costume :P


Jimbo said...

HA HA HA HA HA!!! That's too funny!!! Poor girl ain't pretty!

Mark in DE said...

LOL - that video is funny!

I'm with you, Girl. I am NOT a fan of CaCa, m'kay?

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