Sunday, July 26, 2009

HGTV's Design Star - Kitchen Challenge Tonight

Don't forget - Design Star airs on HGTV tonight at 10pm (EST). Tonight is the always-dramatic KITCHEN CHALLENGE. I'll try to have a little recap posted sometime tomorrow. Check out my recap of last week's show HERE.


Berry Blog said...

I thought( last year) our family was boycotting HGTV becauswe they were so anti gay. No?
anyway, I could get into room design etc. where I couldn't with fashion. I'll join ya on this one.
xoxoxo charlie

Angela said...

I loved your other recap! I look forward to tonight's show and tomorrow's recap.

David Dust said...

Charlie -

You remember correctly. I was upset by how HGTV treated Mikey V after it was discovered he had appeared in a little ole bondage porn movie.

I am willing to give HGTV another chance - mostly because I happen to really like the show (Design Star).


frogponder said...

Ooooooooooo! A yellow kitchen!
Our first kitchen was all light pink - cabinets, sink, stove and fridge!

David Dust said...

Angela -

Thanks for stopping by!!


Joy said...

I like the show, too, and look forward to seeing what happens this season.

Beth said...

this is really sad, but I would KILL for that kitchen...mine is so crappy, this one looks GREAT!

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